What Happens When I Install 1000 Plugins?

May 26, 2022 | WordPress plugins

“Don’t install to much plugins” they always say… well why not? In this video I’m going to install 1000 plugins and try to break 2 websites.

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I want you to succeed with your website, so lets get started.

0:00 Intro
0:45 Setting it up
0:58 Creating a backup
1:26 Installing plugins (NameHero server)
3:10 My thoughts about Hello Dolly plugin
3:58 Activating the plugins
7:08 Installing plugins (SiteGround server)
14:12 The takeway so far
16:17 What have we learned

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What Happens When I Install 1000 Plugins?


We have all learned that a lot of plugins slows your WordPress website down. But what if I add 1000 plugins? We’re gonna see that right now.

“Haha, check out this menu it’s unbelievable how many things are on this menu…”.

Of course the first thing we do is log into this website. If you’re still logging in using /wp-admin/… Nah… that’s not a very safe way so please watch my tutorial about iThemes Security, because it will really help you secure your WordPress website. Now I even have to use an authentication code, so this is really safe. And of course when I’m in, let’s start to add those plugins. But before we start we are first going to ‘Plugins’ ‘Add new’ plugin. So we’re going to download the query monitor, to actually see what’s going on on this website, while we’re going crazy with adding all these plugins until things break. So before I start destroying this entire website, I really have to make a backup. How are we going to do this? Well I created a video about how to move your WordPress website, and that is also a perfect plugin to use if you want to backup your site. So just you can put it back later on. Just press ‘Upload plugin’. We’re just going to install the “All in one migration”. For you guys I changed it a bit. Export to a file. Download everything of it. And then we go to the most popular WordPress plugins of all times. Contact Fom 7, yes. Yoast, yes. Elementor, why not. The Classic Builder, Aksimet, WooCommerce, already there. Jetpack, Really Simple SSL, Contact form, WP forms, WordFence Security, Yoast, WordPress Importer, Updraft Plus, Monster Insights, WP Mail, All in one SEO, Light Speed Cache, Advanced Editor, Duplicate Page Redirection, Advanced, Sitekit… I want them all and I want them now. This is really going not very fast… So the first error is already there! This is just hosting guys. I only added 19 plugins and it already broke this is just bad. We’re gonna try it again. Add new plugins, go to popular. I just want a thousand plugins on here, this couldn’t be that hard, could it? Just a little disclaimer, I am working on a very cheap hosting server. I’m using for this experiment we’re using Name Hero. Which I’m not very fond of because, well I have this account with Name Hero for one and a half years now and I have a lot of problems with it. To be honest I really not recommend Name Hero anymore just go to SiteGround if you really want to have stable hosting, and a super fast support system. It happened more than once that my entire website wasn’t shown on the front end, because some kind of server error on their end. Alright we installed the entire first page let’s go to the second page. Yes I want it. Yes x5. I want them all. I don’t know who came up with this idea to actually add a thousand plugins, but this is never gonna work man. So slow already. The need of the Dello Dolly plugin: I have never understood it. And I even never understand why it still comes when you download WordPress. I mean… “It symbolizes the hope and enthusiasm of an entire generation. Summed up in two words. Most famously by Louis Armstrong.” Well I’m sorry Matt but… “Waste of everyone’s time” “Waste of time” “Not funny easter egg” “Stop the pre-installation now” “First plugin always removed on every WP site” “made an account so I could rate” “Even Louis Armstrong would have hated it” “Worst plugin ever” “Useless ever made” “Lose it” ” Not needed by default” “I know why, but why?” Okay we have 140 plugins ready and we have 103 inactive plugins. So let’s see if I can activate all of them just in once. This is really going to get crazy guys. All right select them all and press ‘Activate’ Are you ready guys? All right I don’t want to see what’s going on here. Oh activate 103 plugins at the same time… which a lot of them are all doing the same thing.

Yeah that’s what I mean, it just breaks. Of course, come on, don’t fail me now. Man I only got to 100 plugins… Oh yes Elementor works! “You’re here! Let’s set things up.” this is great! All right we have Elementor. Oh it’s getting really slow. Of course, there has been a critical error. This was so logical, this was about going to happen. Who thought of a stupid idea to add all these plugins, I mean come on, what do you expect you know? Errors, let’s see if there are any errors. Ah here we go. Oh no… fatal error allowed memory size of these bytes exhausted. We have a hosting problem. The server has run out of resources. PHP is not allowed to add this kind of load on the server. So that’s what happens when you try to add 100 plugins, it already breaks at 100…. How am I going to get to 1000? Something is actually happening on the website. It still is working or something. Oh wait we’re back on! Oh yes this is great. That means we can actually add more plugins. I think it’s actually still trying to activate all these plugins on the backend. Oh this is really, oh yes, yes we’re in. Yes. Oh wow, this is actually… Haha check out this menu, it’s unbelievable how many things are on this menu. This is absolutely crazy. I have never seen such a WordPress website like this before, it is crazy guys! Oh wow where are my plugins, let’s go to plugins where are they. Oh yes, let’s go and try to add this. Oh man what’s going on? We have a peak in memory usage, how could this be? We have a 418% of the WordPress limit. And 80% of the server limit. Let’s try to add more, I want more. I want no. I can’t get more? Why? Come on, I want more. Come on, Come on work with me! Come on guys, I want more! Oh yes, yes, yes we can install more plugins. Let’s go guys! Yes I want thousand! What? Failed? Why did it fail? Come on…. So guys I’m not giving up, I want to reach a thousand plugins. So what are we going to do? I have installed a brand new WordPress installation on WPressDoc.com which is another website on a very powerful SiteGround hosting. This is the place where I keep all my clients website I keep my own websites. Because SiteGround is actually pretty good. I have the biggest plan, the GoGeek plan with Google Cloud Servers, so I’m very curious to see what’s happening when we’re going to add all these plugins to this website. This is what it is: “Hello world! Welcome to WordPress. Let’s go and add some crazy plugins and see what happens. Again we’re going to ‘Add new’ again we’re going to the maze most popular plugins and we’re just going to install them all you can actually see that this website is way more faster than the other one go to the second page why not I think we have more memory right now but let’s go install another bunch of them we’re gonna install a lot more and then we’re gonna see what’s going on if I activate them 110 awesome alright let’s activate them one by one now it’s taking too long let’s activate them all in once and you can see immediately the website still works actually remove my background I don’t know why but I it still works so that’s great w press die that doesn’t sound really good does it oh it’s the mailchimp for woocommerce because we don’t have a woocommerce I just loaded up the plugins and it opens immediately what a big difference we have now oh 52 active plugins why is that why is the rest still inactive oh because of the mailchimp of course we’ll just delete this one let’s activate the rest come on we can do it let’s see if I can still look up my website it it still works this is amazing and my background is back this is really great look at this it is it is way too much look at all this stuff it’s wow it’s amazing but let’s go to plugins where are my plugins at let’s see if they are all activated now the back office is horrible so it has to be well this is what we see on the front end right now the good news is it’s still running so this server is powerful or demo obviously that’s logical because I pay more than twice as much for this server than the other one all right we now have 108 plugins activated let’s go to the fourth page we were on the fourth page these are all active can’t believe it all right let’s go further facebook for WordPress I want all these things I don’t know what these are but I just want them all so I want to show you two things that are going on on my siteground server that the wpressdoc.com website by itself it has 84 000 inodes that is extremely much as most website I have only have twenty thousand maybe thirty thousand the biggest eighty four thousand that’s amazing now what we also have is that we see that program executions for wpress wpressdoc.com f really skyrocketed 300 more program executions just on this very own website the cpu is really cranking it up I only have four thousand an hour and I’m I’m already three thousand because of this one website is generating 2102 cpu seconds that’s a lot and I don’t want anyone to actually be negative affected by my stupid youtube experiment oh man but it’s really getting the speed is really out of it now you know why this website is still running I think it is because the memory usage of this website we have only used only 40 percent of our server limit but we are using 700 of our WordPress limit 180 plugins I’m going to select them all and I’m going to press activate now I really think it’s breaking it right now it still works alright then we have a error message because the contact form 7 honeypot it’s taking a very long time to load up the back end but it still works this is amazing what are the statistics now oh we’re using fifty percent of our server limit and almost a thousand percent of our WordPress limit it’s it’s still a miracle that this thing is working 138 plugins oh hold on it went crazy because of the contact form 7 honeypot let’s delete this one and let’s activate the rest so the maximum plugins that we got activated is 138 it takes 8 seconds to load the back end right now as you can see 8 seconds 162 plugins are active now we are getting some errors sorry you’re not allowed to access this page we’ll close a breakpoint guys I know we are very close at breaking this thing again it has to be if we can activate 1 000 plugins on this website I think I’m gonna be in a guinness big book of records don’t you think the one thing I’m pretty worried about is my inodes I only have 16 000 I knows free and that is going to be a problem 215 plugins let’s activate them I cannot activate them anymore really no you’re kidding why why let’s press only the inactive plugins no it can’t be limited to 200 plugins yes activate 53 plugins more and let’s go to

I think it will break now it’s very slow but it works oh no we’ve installed bb press oh no this is gonna break everything it is such a youth huge thing oh no I don’t want this oh no my eye notes oh this whole thing is gonna sideground is gonna kick me out guys is they’re going to be mad how many plugins do we have active right now 213 plugins and the website is still running no I only have 9 000 I knows free oh they’re gonna be so mad at me we can still edit pages look at this we can still edit pages with haha with seed brought base layer elementor or beaver builder it’s totally up to you you can choose them all on this website this is this is crazy man we are of course adding even more plugins the limit actually does not lie within WordPress it even does not lie with all the plugins the limitation is actually your server that’s the takeaway from today it is really taking two three minutes to install only one plugin the cpu seconds for our website has reached the limit of 4 000 and it’s already up to 9475

that’s way too much and I think in a couple of minutes I will receive a phone call or an email from siteground which says what are you doing dude fbi open up so I check with my other websites and they are running really smoothly so it’s not affecting any other websites on this server so that’s actually pretty good we are at 251 plugins active 213 activate all of them so I want to add more plugins but when I go to the next page it really stops doing anything what’s going on guys I think we’ve reached the limit now because nothing happening it is just the front end the back end is not loading ah here we go

mySQL server has gone away

it has just gone away it’s just that’s it I’m gone I’m leaving bye if your SQL server is leaving the place then you have to stop man and you have to stop really fast this is just too much for the server it is too much i’ve destroyed it I’m going to give you an insight this is how it looks when you activate 250 of the most popular WordPress plugin in the world your website looks like this it is a complete mess my advice never do this again my eye notes is completely off the charts well I have to clean this up before sideground get really pissed on me so what have we learned today that your WordPress website is capable of running more than 250 plugins the most popular ones if you like this video just for the fun hit that like button and subscribe if you want to see more WordPress related videos if you want me to audit and review your website on a subject that you want like seo conversion optimization or whatever just go to wpressdoctor.com

audit fill it in and then I will take a look at your website in a live stream user experience on marketing and conversion optimization it’s all possible just drop it in there and I will create a live stream with your website on it have an awesome day guys and i’ll see you in the next video and keep in mind don’t overload your server