How to Migrate WordPress Site to New Host With FREE plugin (up to 100GB)

Feb 10, 2022 | WordPress plugins

With this free plugin you can migrate your WordPress website with no hassle. Just follow the steps and you will be up and running in no-time!
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Download the plugin here: ⏩…

0:00 Intro
0:26 Login to Dashboard
0:42 Download the plugin from ➜
1:46 Export website
2:27 Download website
2:50 Clean up old website
3:46 Login to new website
4:26 Install plugin again
4:59 Upload old website
8:04 Clean up new website

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How to Migrate WordPress Site to New Host With FREE plugin (up to 100GB)



Hey guys, what’s up? I’m the WPress Doctor, welcome to another video. We’re going to migrate your WordPress website up to 100 gigabyte, and it’s completely free with no hassle at all. So we’re starting right now.

We are going to migrate this website. It is my personal website, I didn’t do a lot of it lately but it’s a very big website and that’s the reason why I chose it. So log into your WordPress dashboard. And on your dashboard you go on the left side to ‘plugins’ and you press ‘add new’. Then we just press ‘upload plugin’.

And the only thing right now we need is to download a plugin. Now we’re going to use a very old plugin from wp-all-in-one-migration. It’s an excellent plugin, you can buy it of course, but there is on you can still find a older version. Now the older version is free to import and export all these gigantic websites. So I’ve downloaded it for you, I’ve changed the files for you, and you can just go into the description of this video and download the file. So it’s free and it’s completely safe and it’s easy. Upload the file right here and press install now. And then you press ‘activate plugin’. And when you scroll down into your plugins list you can see that the All-in-one WP Migration 100 gigabyte version is activated on your website. This is what I’ve added myself: OLD >> Delete me when you’re done << Because it’s an old version it has some security issues so you can use it and then delete it for safety purposes. So don’t press this update now button, when you do it won’t work. All right then we go on the left side to all in one wp migration and we press export. And then we want to export it to a file. Just press on this. And now it’s going to export your gigantic website. Make sure you have enough space with your hosting company, because basically what this is doing it is archiving everything of your website, your images, your database, all your files, your pages, everything, your comments, everything will be in this one file. Make sure it fits on your server. All right when it’s done, you’ll see this green button here which says; “Download the entire website”, and the size. Well it’s only 2GB that’s not very much. So we’re going to download it and we’re going to save the file on your computer. Press ok. So the file you’ve been downloading is the website and then the date of today and the exact time it is. And it is .wpress. Just wait until this is completely downloaded. Once our download is complete you can close this and then you can close this button, and now we’re going to clean up things from the old website. So we go to the all-in-one migration and we go to ‘backups’. Here is the backup we just created. If you’ve downloaded it completely, you can just press delete, this button. Or else it will stay on this server. Press ‘Delete’ press ‘Ok’ then we go back to plugins again. We go to ‘Installed plugins’ and it’s very important now that we remove this version. Because it’s an old version and you never know if some hacker comes across this old website of yours on this old server and is hacking your entire server because you didn’t remove a very old plugin. So we press ‘Deactivate’. and we go press ‘Delete’ okay. All right then we go to the new website where you want this whole website to be migrated to. In my case I created a subdomain for you guys to see how it works, but you can have any domain name whatsoever. It really doesn’t have to be a subdomain, it can be anything because the url will be changed when we’re uploading the old site to the new server. It’s amazing, and it works great. I just installed WordPress a really fresh new install absolutely nothing on this site. So i’m gonna just log into this. Okay. What are we going to do right now? We go to ‘plugins’ and we’re going to add the exact same plugin again. And then we press ‘Install now’. Activate our plugin of course. The plugins that come standard with wordpress you can actually delete them, and just press ‘Delete’ and ‘Apply’, yes all right. Again, don’t update it, or else it won’t work. Then we go on the left side we’re going to import our website. We press on ‘Import’. The maximum upload file size is 100 GB. And then we just drag and drop the entire file to there. What’s happening right now, is only the archive file – the .wpress file- is being uploaded to the new server and when it’s been uploaded it will be unpacked and everything will fall in place. So your new installation of WordPress will be your completely old website that we have just exported to your computer. Yes i do have lightning fast internet! Or i just speed up the video…. So the plugin is now asking us if you want to overwrite your entire website. Because everything will be lost on your new website. And that’s no problem, because I created a new website just for this purpose. So press ‘Proceed’. And now what it’s actually doing, it is unpacking the entire .wpress archive and placing everything on the right places. All your files, everything from your database, everything will be set on the right place. It’s going to take a while, especially when you have a really big website so be patient. Have a drink and enjoy your day. And while we’re waiting while this plugin is putting everything into place it’s a good time to reflect on your life…and your website… where am I going…. who am I? What is the purpose of life? And why am I holding hot water inside my hands and it’s too hot to even drink… and why haven’t you subscribed to my channel? So our data has been imported successfully. Well done, we are we are on the right track. We need to do two more things; the first one is we must save our permalink structure twice. We’re gonna do this in just a second, and the second thing is we have to subscribe to the WPress Doctor channel. Press close and now you click back on your dashboard. And what you will notice is that you will be locked out your website, and you will be sent to login again. This is because you have copied your old website to here, so use your login from your old website. And now we go to ‘Settings’, we go to ‘Permalinks’ down there. You don’t have to change anything, you just press ‘Save changes’ and then we press ‘Save changes’ again. You have to do it twice, don’t be lazy just push that button, because it’s important. Now we have changed it, now we’re going to check on our website to see how everything works. Open the link in a new private window. And you can see that everything is working fine on the website! So congratulations you have just migrated your wordpress website to another domain or another hosting. Now remember, also all the urls has been changed. Because when I go to for example Utah, you will see in the url that the urls also has been changed in the old website. Because the old website just went to and now the new website goes to So your url structure has been automatically changed. Now it is vital, please don’t skip this step! You need to delete the old plugin. You can save it on your hard drive, on your computer that’s fine but don’t leave it on your website, because it’s a very old version. And it’s very vulnerable for hackers or anything else. You go to ‘Plugins’ go to ‘Installed plugins’. And you scroll down and you can see what I told you “OLD Delete me when you are done!” And that’s exactly what we want to do. So we press on ‘Deactivate’ and you press on ‘Delete’, yes I want to delete it. All right, don’t forget this point.

If I helped you out, hit that like button. If you have questions, or you just want to say thank you, I really appreciate that. Drop them down in the comments, and i’ll be very glad to answer your question, or to receive your thank you. Hey guys have a awesome day and i’ll see you in the next video.