Move WordPress Site (up to 10GB!) With a FREE Plugin – or do it Manual

Jul 7, 2020 | WordPress plugins

Migrate your WordPress website from one server/host/domainname to another, by using this simple and 100% FREE plugin. Just a few clicks and you are on your way! I also show you how to do it manual, just for fun.

 I want you to succeed with your website, so lets get started.


0:00 Move a WordPress Site – Intro
1:39 Method #1 with a FREE plugin
2:10 Download the plugin from ➜…
2:19 Exporting website to your computer
Importing website to new host/domain/server
5:42 Method #2 the manual way
6:14 Get FileZilla ➜
7:00 Download entire website to your computer
7:24 Download your database
8:51 Upload website to new host/domain/server
9:33 Upload entire database to new host/domain/server
10:15 Editing wp-config.php
11:35 Fixing ‘Error establishing a database connection’
A word from the Doctor – Outtro

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Move WordPress Site (up to 10GB!) With a FREE Plugin – or do it Manual | WordPress Migration 2020


I’m going to show you how to migrate your WordPress website to another domain, to another server, to another place… It’s all possible, I’m going to show you in two ways! The first way is the most easiest way with a plugin. It’s 100% free, but it’s an outdated plugin. You can transfer websites up to 10 gigabyte! Now that’s a lot… I don’t even have such a big website… Your website will be transferred with just a few simple clicks and uploads. In the description of this video you will find a link to the direct download. This plugin is also on, but I saved you the trouble of searching. You can just click this download button and you have the right version right there. The second option is the manual way. If you want to transfer your WordPress website manually, you can just stick around and go to that point of the video, and I will show you how to download all the files, download your database, upload all your files to your new server, upload your database to the new server and get it configured so that it works. Either ways, I’m gonna help you out! How do I know how this works? Well, I am the WordPress doctor. I’ve been building websites since 2001. And since 2004, in WordPress. And I have my national hosting company and a web development agency, and I think I’m moving websites around like every single week. So I know the fastest way to do it, the free way to do it, the funniest way to do it, and let’s go and dive in and transfer your website on a safe way. Are you ready? Let’s go. So go to your WordPress dashboard of the website you want to transfer to another domain. If you’re still logging in with /wp-admin/, please check my video about WordPress security, because this is not a very safe way. So here we are at the dashboard of our website GreenStay which I want to transfer to the domain name of my client itself. So what we’re going to do, we go to ‘plugins’-> ‘add new’. You press ‘upload plugin’, and select the plugin that you just downloaded from the link in the description of this video, and press ‘install now’. And we press ‘activate plugin’. And here you will see that there’s a new version of All-In-One WP Migration. I know but don’t update, because it won’t work if you do that. Because this is a old version which is free. Now we go to ‘All-In-One WP Migration’ and we press the Export button. And we want to export to a ‘file’. And watch how the magic works. Now we have the entire website and you can download it by pressing this and you can press ‘save this file to your computer’. Now you can close this one and you can deactivate this plugin once you have downloaded the file. And delete it because we don’t need it anymore. Once you have successfully installed WordPress on your new domain, let’s log into that installation. So we go to ‘plugins’-> ‘add new’. ‘Upload plugin’, and let’s select the WP Migrator once again. And press ‘install now’. We press ‘activate plugin’. And we go to the left side: ‘All-In-One WP Migration’ we press ‘import’. Here you select the file that we have just downloaded to our PC. And it just starts importing right away. Now after the upload is done, you will see a warning message from All-In-One WP Migration. This is what it says: “The import will override your website including database”. So when I press proceed, all the files on the original WordPress installation will be lost, also the database, everything will be overwritten by this import. Now that’s exactly what we want! So press ‘proceed’. And we are done. It has been imported, press close. And let’s reload the dashboard right now you will see it I will be locked out. A database update has been required. So we press ‘update WordPress database’ press ‘continue’. As you see now I am pointed back to the login screen and you see immediately the logo changed. Because that’s something I do for all my clients, it just looks smoother. Now let’s see if the website is completely the way I designed it before we migrated it and we transferred it. And yes, here is our website on the new domain name. Well it looks awesome. And of course, we gonna check the backend if everything is there as the way we left it. Let’s see if all pages are there. Yes, all pages are here. Let’s check if all the plugins are also there. Yes, they are. As I told you, I don’t use a lot of plugins because it tends to make the system slow down. So don’t forget to remove this All-In-One WP Migration plugin, because it is a very old version. So press ‘deactivate’ and press ‘delete’. So you won’t be hacked by keeping a out of date plugin. That’s the way you can do it with a plugin. Very easy and it works like a charm. Ah, that’s awesome. You just migrate your website with the plugin! Now wasn’t that easy? A walk in the park right? I told you it was easy. Now stick around if you want to know how you should do it manually. You need a couple of things before we can transfer it. You need your FTP credentials, you need your database credentials, of the old server and the new server which you’re going to upload to. So, if you got that stuff, then you are ready to go. If you follow the link in the description of this video, you will go to FileZilla, it’s a free FTP solution. Now you don’t click on this button because you will download a version with all kind of advertisements. You go to ‘download’ on the left side and you click ‘Show additional download options’. And here we go and select the version you will need, if you’re on a Windows machine, it’s probably going to be this one, click this one and save the file. All right when you have installed it, fire up FileZilla and you can connect with your host and your username and your password and your port. If you have these things, fill them in right here, and then we can connect our FileZilla. Once you are connected, this is what you will see. These are all the files that WordPress generated in your installation. Just select everything from ‘wp-admin’ until license.txt and press the right mouse button and click ‘download’. Now here you will see that all these files and all these folders will be downloaded to your personal computer or your Mac. This might take a while, so grab a cup of coffee and be back when everything is done. Now that we have the files we also need the database. Remember when I explained in this video about how WordPress works, we need the database. So when your logged in with your hosts, you have to look for PHPMyAdmin. When you have logged into PHPMyAdmin, you will see the database. You click on this database, GreenStay in my example. Your name ought to be different right here. And you click on ‘Export’. And all you have to do is click this button on the right corner which says ‘start’. We just wait a second, and the database will be downloaded to your computer. Save that one, because we’re gonna need it later on. Now to upload our website to the new domain, we don’t need to log into WordPress, but you do want to have WordPress installed already on your new host. It isn’t necessary, but it is the easiest way. So let’s login to our host and go to the FTP credentials area. So there are a few things you will need. You need the database name, the database password and the username that we use to make connection with the database. And the FTP we would use the username, the password and of course the host name. Now rest assured, you don’t have to try these information because I deleted them right after creating this video. Alright go to FileZilla and login with your credentials right here. Now we are connected to the server. Which you will see like, something a folder like this. Wou will see cgi-bin and WordPress 01. Now WordPress 01 – this is the place where the standard WordPress version has been installed. So what we should do: we select all the files we have downloaded, and we drag and drop them to right here. And then a screen pops up and says: “What do you want to do?” I want to ‘overwrite’ it. And I always want to use this action to the current queue and press ‘ok’. And now we just have to wait while it will upload more than 4000 files to our new server. Now when all the files have been uploaded, you have to go to the PHPMyAdmin of the new server. And as you can see, this database is entirely empty. We got a database created by our host. So what do we do: we press this ‘import’ button, we select the file we just have created. And we press the ‘start’ button. And it will upload the entire database. And as you see right here this entire database has been filled with the right kind of stuff from the website we want to migrate. So now there’s one thing we need to do right now. We need to go back to FileZilla and we go to “wp-config.php”. You press the right button and you press ‘view and edit’. Now it will open my notepad and as you can see here is the wp-config. Now in the wp-config there is the information that we need to connect to the right database. As you can see, this is a wrong database because we need to data from the other database. Remember what I just showed you? We just paste here the database information: the right database, the right password and the right username. And also you have to check the $table_prefix because this is very important. You will see the database prefix right here. It is those 8oV81_. Your prefix has another one than mine, because of safety reasons of course. So you just copy this prefix and place it in your wp-config file to make sure that it makes connection to the right one. This one is already okay. So you remove this one, until you have your prefix with the underscore. You save this file, and immediately you will see that FileZilla askes you: “The file has changed, do you want to upload it?” And we press ‘Yes’. Now, it has been uploaded. And let’s check if the website works the way it’s intended. And we see a message “Error establishing a database connection”. If you see this message, then that means that something is wrong in your wp-config file. You have to check those settings again to make sure you didn’t make a typo. The database is right, the password is right, and the prefix is also right. Let’s check them right now. And if you do and refresh the page, we will see that our website loads perfectly in order just the way it should. Very awesome! Well done I’m proud of you. You have just moved your website the manual way. Now if you encountered any problems at all, if you have questions, leave them in the comments and I will be glad to answer your questions. So if you liked this video, if it helped you out, press that like button. And if you want to know more about my new WordPress videos, you can also always subscribe if you do like migrating websites, then you sure like this video about “SEO – the three pillars of SEO” because it will help you out by going the next step with your website. Have a awesome day!


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