How to Sync WooCommerce With Google Spreadsheets 2-way!

Jul 21, 2022 | WooCommerce, WordPress plugins

Manage your WooCommerce stock, SKU, products, descriptions, prices, all from your Google Spreadsheet! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Start here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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How to Sync WooCommerce With Google Spreadsheets 2-way!


If you want to change your stock on your webshop you know, you have to click in every single product one by one. However, there is a way to control your stocks, your stock keeping unit, your descriptions, and the amount of products, just from a Google Spreadsheet. I’m going to show you how you can do this, right now. Log into your WordPress dashboard. If you still log in using /wp-admin/…

That’s not a very safe way, so make sure to check out my tutorial about how to secure your website. For this video I’m using in this webshop I’ve created especially for my YouTube tutorials “How to create a webshop”. Go check that out if you want to see it. On the back end we have multiple products with variations, and we have different text rates and shipping rates. So let’s see how the plugin handle this. You go to
and then we are at the website of WP Pool.

They make really great products I created one video about WP Dark Mode which is also excellent. And what I most like about WP pool is they also have lifetime licenses which will save you 80% and of course you don’t have to pay every single year, for just your website. You can just buy a lifetime license for just $ 150 and then you’re all set. That is three years this one so that’s a no-brainer. Why do I want a pro version? Well, you have unlimited product sync and also variable products. You can also edit the product data, you have two directional update and sync, one click manual sync… Let’s buy this thing and see what’s going on. Then you can change your country over there. Let’s say we’re in the United States and then you can use just credit card, PayPal, Amazon, Wire Transfer… you can do it all. Once you have bought it you receive a email and in this email is also your license. So copy and paste that one. And then you can log into your account on WP Pool, and you go to downloads. And we click on the download button Then on your website we go to ‘Plugins’ ‘Add new’. Press ‘Upload plugin’ select “Stock Sync with Google Sheets” and press ‘Install now’. Then we press ‘Activate plugin’. Then we also need to install the basic version. So we go again to ‘Add new’ ‘Search for Plugins’. Press ‘Install Now’ by WP Pool. And we press ‘Activate’. I really like the fact that they created a setup. So press ‘Start setup’. And then we need to add our credentials to this one. Why? Because there has to be a sync with the Google cloud service. So we have to create a credentials. The first thing we do is press on this button ‘Google Cloud platform’. And then we are at the API’s and Service. Press on ‘Create project’. And then we’re gonna call it WooCommerce Stock Sync. And we press ‘Create’ and then we press on ‘Create credentials’ over there and we press ‘Service account’. Now we can just fill in your name or you can leave it empty for example. And you have a ID created for this one or you can just generate an ID that’s okay, whatever you want. Just press ‘Copy to clipboard’ and here you can add “Sync between Google Spreads and WooCommerce” and then you press ‘Create and continue’. We don’t have to change anything in here, we just press ‘Done’. Then you click on this one right here on the bottom. And then we go to ‘Keys’ over there. And then we’re gonna add a key. We’re gonna create a new key, like this. And then we need a JSON.

‘Create’. Our private key has been downloaded to our computer. And now you can click over here or drag and drop your file to this box. And will be uploaded and then we go to the next one. Enable the Google Sheets API. We’re going to click that. And then we’re going to add ‘Enable’. Maybe it’s already enabled on your setup, I didn’t have it so I’m gonna press ‘Enable’. That’s it. Then we go back, then we check this box and then we press next then we need to create a Google sheet URL so we can paste it in over here just go to Google Sheets and you can press go to Sheets and then we can add a new spreadsheet over here a blank one I’m just gonna cut woocommerce sync over there and then what we need to do is we need to copy this URL copy and then we’re going to paste it in over there like this and then we also need to enter enter the sheet name well on this sheet is just sheet1 but let’s change this also to woocommerce and I will just add it also in here Commerce then we press next and then we need to give editor access to this ID you need to copy this email ID from the box then we go back to our sheet and we’re going to share this one like this and we’re going to share it with this email address we’re going to give it the editor permissions and then we just press send the access has been updated and then we check this box and we practice on next these are all safety steps we need to walk through so it’s not very strange that it’s taking some time so we’re going to copy this code then we go to Google sheet and then we go to extensions over there we’re gonna press Apps scripts like this then we’re going to remove whatever this is and then make sure it’s clear and then we just paste it in over there everything we have just copied and then we press deploy and then we’re going to save this code like this save project oh we just let’s rename the project first to woocommerce sync rename now we’re going to save it over there then you press on run and then in my case it says this project requires your permission to access your data it might just run but you also can do this press review permissions now we have to choose an account W plus doctor Google hasn’t verified right press Advanced press go to woocommerce sync what they want to do they want to seek edit and create all your Google Sheets breastfeeds connect an external service and display run web content that’s all okay press allow and now it has been executed and the node this is execution complete now you can press this one I’ve placed a code click on the Run button and press next and then we need to add a trigger and then we go back to our Google sheet and you can see that something has been changed in our sheet that’s great we have the idd type the name stock price and sale price then we need to go to the triggers menu over there anyway press few dashboard and then we press on create new trigger over here and we’re going to change the first one to press on on edit and also the last one also should be unedit now here you can see when do you want to have a notification from your browser is immediately every hour once in a day or once a week it’s totally up to you if you notify me immediately then every time when someone buys something and is stock will change you will receive immediately a pop-up message inside of your browser I can imagine that’s a bit too much so you can say I’m going to do this daily or weekly it totally depends on your preference I’m gonna put it on Daily Press save there it is then you check this box I’ve added a trigger and gave permissions and press next and then we roll down now we’re gonna press the magical button now this is the Google sheet right now it’s empty but when I press this button now it’s going to sync it with my congratulations and there we have it guys our Google sheet has been updated by woocommerce now let’s style this a little bit let me change this stock for the greens and the color games boost I didn’t change the stock let’s change this to I have 45 greens and I have 32 collagen boosters it’s safe to drive right now what we see is that it’s going one way Sync It’s only syncing from my webshop to Google sheet when I press this button but we have the ultimate version so we go to the settings of this one we’re going to license over there we’re going to activate our license key from the email and just paste it in and press activate license let’s get back to our products over there press all products and we’re going to press sync on Google sheet again now it has been synced 30 and 50 and yes 50 and 30 excellent let’s change this to 40 and 10. it’s Saving right now and then we see that our stock of the greens and the color green booster has been changed so that works excellent now if you want to change some more settings you can go to settings and you can press on settings over there here you can even add new products from Google Sheets to your website this is great you can also show the stock keeping unit over there and you can show the short description and the category well they’re building that and also building these total total sales count this is a very nice feature so it’s going to be in there pretty soon I have just enabled the stock keeping a unit any short description so when I now go to my Google sheet it has been added instantly here we have the stock keeping unit over there and we also can see that this short description is in here well this just like someone has been copying pasting a lot of products if this video is helpful for you hit that like button and if you want to see more woocommerce Diffie or WordPress tutorials press that subscribe button and I will see you guys in the next video