How to Delete Your Own Admin User from WordPress Website | Free plugin

Apr 25, 2023 | WordPress plugins

In this video I’ll show you how to delete your own admin user data using a free plugin I have created. You might still be a admin to a website you don’t want to be. This plugin solves that issue! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Start here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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0:18 Why delete your own admin user?
Get the free plugin
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3:37 Change your password

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How to Delete Your Own Admin User from WordPress Website | Free plugin


In this video I’m going to show you a free plugin I created, to delete your own admin user data, and email address from somebody else his website. Why on earth would you want to do that? I’m going to explain it to you, right now.

If you’re like me you create a lot of websites for different kind of clients. When you hand them over, you give them the keys – you add them as a new admin user – and they take care of the website from that on. Some clients won’t delete me as an admin user on their website. And I’m talking about years. And I still receive emails every single day. Admin user changed, can you moderate this comment, username changed, email changed, security issues, update issues… I don’t care! The client wants to do his own maintenance. That’s okay, but don’t bother me with your emails. Some clients you can ask 100 times to delete your own admin user, but they won’t do it. So I actually created a plugin to do this for me. For example this website. I mean look at this. All these updates… they didn’t even update the WordPress 6.2. There are 17 updates waiting and I get constantly mails about admin user changes, name changes, security issues… man! When I go to ‘All users’ I can see myself as a administrator, and I can see someone else as administrator. I have never met this guy. I think they’ve changed ownership or something. I don’t want to receive emails from this website again. And I just want to delete myself, but you cannot delete yourself as a admin. So what we’re gonna do is very easy. Like this. Press enter. And then we get over here: a free plugin to delete your admin and user data. I’ve created it myself so in order to get it I would really like to have your email address, so I can just send you a mail: maximum once a month. Just fill it in over there. And then you press send me the free plugin. Thank you very much you’ve received a email with the download link. Follow this link in the email, so you can download the free plugin over there. Here you go Delete-my-admin You go to ‘Plugins’ and you’re gonna ‘Add new’. We’re gonna upload plugin. Choose the and press ‘Install now’. Now remember once you’ve done this, there is no way back. Press ‘Activate’. Here is the big red button. If I now press this button, this is what you see. “Are you absolutely sure you want to change your admin credentials? You can never log in on this website again! This plugin will be deactivated and deleted once your credentials have been changed.” Press OK. And now you see a zero. Now if you go back to the URL /wp-admin/ you are still logged in. And now you can see that my name is called ‘Delete me’. If you now go to ‘All users’ you will see that my name is still there (because you cannot change your username with this plugin) but your name has been changed to ‘Delete me’ and your email address has been changed to ‘deleteme@…’ and then the URL of this website. Really great. So I won’t receive any emails anymore and another admin will see this and just instantly delete me. Well that’s the whole point of it. When I now go back to my plugins you will see that ‘Delete the Admin’ is not in here anymore, because the plugin deactivates and deletes itself. Now if you want to make sure that you can never log in again, you can still change your password over here. You go to ‘Edit’. We’ll see what this plugin has actually done. It has changed your first name your last name and your email address. Now the email address is the most important, because you cannot change that without validating it, because you are the admin. If you never want to be able to log in again, press on ‘Set new password’ a couple of times and you save this profile. You will never be able to log in again. Problem solved you will never receive any emails again from this site. If you have any questions regarding this plugin or you just want to say thank you Matt, drop them down in the comments, I always reply. Hit that like button if you like this video, and of course you can subscribe over there to see more WordPress related videos. And check out this video which is also completely amazing, and it won’t delete itself. This one will not delete itself.