How To Capture Partially Filled-in Forms In WordPress

Jan 29, 2022 | WordPress plugins

Don’t leave money on the table! In this video you will learn how you can save entries for forms that are not submitted.
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The CSS to hide the message: 📜

/*—Hide Partial Entries warning message —*/
.partial_entry_warning {display: none}

0:00 Intro
0:14 Get Gravity Forms ⇒
0:37 Download the Partial Entries add-on
0:56 Install the add-on
1:07 Configure forms
3:29 Hide the warning message

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How To Capture Partially Filled-in Forms In WordPress


You’re leaving money on the table if people fill in your Grafity Forms, but they don’t push that send button. I’m going to show you in just a few minutes how you can still see what those people filled in your Gravity Forms.

I assume you already have a Gravity Forms license. If you don’t have one, go to and press enter. Here you can get the most amazing and powerful contact form there is in the entire world, and it’s called Gravity Forms. When you have bought it, you can just press login. When you have logged in with Gravity Forms you just scroll down, and you go to your downloads. Or you can just hit that search and search for ‘Partial entries’ right there. Here it is. So we press download, and now you have downloaded the zip file. Go back to your website on your website, you go to ‘Plugins’ -> ‘Add new’ and then we’re going to ‘upload’. Select the zip file we have just downloaded and press ‘Install now’. Activate the plugin. You go back to forms. Now go to the form where you want this to be enabled. If you hover over the settings, you will see that there is partial entries right there. Click on this one. Then we press ‘Enable’ and then you have a warning message. Why is this required? Well as you can see on the description mark, it is not very ethical to save all their information without users knowing. However, I’m going to show you a way how you can just do that. For now we just enable this warning message. What’s also very important is conditional logic. Why? Partial entries is only interesting if you have some contact information. For example you want to know the email address or the phone number before it is saved. How can we achieve that? Well it is pretty easy if you know how. So you have to select your form which you want to know. For example: ‘How can I reach you?’ Is a email field for me. And when I select ‘is not’ and then I leave it blank and I press save settings, then the conditional logic will – anything that’s been entered there will trigger the partial entries and it will be saved right there. Isn’t it awesome? Now let’s see how it looks on the front end. So this is what you see on the front end. “Please know that your information is saved on our server as you enter it”. So how should I call you… well let’s say ‘WPress Doctor” How can I reach you? Let’s say i’m at info at But I don’t press ‘Show me the code’. To elaborate: this is not a contact form this is a form to give you a short code for your Monarch plugin. That will add Telegram and Whatsapp into your plugin. Isn’t it awesome? It’s free, but you have to fill out this form because I want to know your email address, so I can send you spam emails. No, I can send you once a month a cool mail with an update or anything like that. I’m not pressing this button and now we see at the entries how this is saved. We go to: ‘Entries’ to see what has happened. So as we go to entries right now you can see that the first entry is from WPress Doctor, and this is the email. But it’s still in progress, it hasn’t been submitted. But I already know that it’s in there. Isn’t that awesome? So it actually works pretty good.

So i’m just gonna cover how you can hide the message because I know I will get that question in the comments. When you try to remove your entire warning message and save, this is what you see: There was an error while saving your settings. If you just enter a few spaces you press save settings, there was an error. But there’s another way. You can also just add a dot, just like that. Press save settings. And now you can see that the warning message is just a dot. It also works. But you can of course also hide it with some CSS. If you just go to Divi -> Theme options and then you scroll down. Here you can add all your custom CSS. And then you just add this CSS code to your Divi. Which is: partial entry warning display:none. Just like that. You can find it in the description of this video, or just type it manually. Press ‘save changes’. And now you still see the warning message, but when I press refresh this page, now your warning message has been covered up completely. Now your visitors don’t know that everything they type in will be saved in your Gravity Forms.

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