Set up Emails, PDF invoices & packing slips in WooCommerce

Jul 14, 2022 | WooCommerce

I walk you through all WooCommerce emails and we also are setting up PDF invoices and packing slips!

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0:00 Intro
0:39 Changing From Name and Email adres
1:53 Change colors of WooCommerce emails
4:05 Customize New order email
6:41 Customize Cancelled order email
7:16 Customize Failed order email
7:47 Customize Order on-hold email
9:43 Customize Processing email
10:47 Customize Completed order email
11:50 Customize Refunded order email
12:37 Custom invoice / Order details
12:54 Turn off Customer note email
13:24 Customize Reset password email
14:28 Customize New account email
14:44 Customize Failed Subscription & Pre Order & Payment Auth…
15:35 Add PDF Invoices & Packing slips
15:47 Install the free plugin
16:12 Run the setup wizard
18:01 Setting up the plugin
19:36 Customize the PDF invoices
24:37 Customize the Packing Slips
25:19 How it works on the dashboard

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Set up Emails, PDF invoices & packing slips in WooCommerce


In this video I will talk to you about all the email settings in WooCommerce, explain to you what they do, and what they are, how you can change them, and we’re also going to add PDF invoices that will be automatically sent to your customers. But that’s not all folks, you also get PDF packing slips that you can print out, while fulfilling your orders, changing the world and making a profit while doing so. We’re gonna start right now.

Log into your WordPress dashboard. If you’re still logged in using /wp-admin/ ….That’s not very safe way, so please watch my tutorial about how to secure your WordPress website.

We go to ‘WooCommerce’ ‘Settings’ and here you go up here to ‘Emails’. Here you can find all the emails sent out to your customers and sent out to you as the webshop owner. Scroll down a bit. And here you can see the email sender options. These ‘From name’ and ‘From address’ will people see when they open up their email. So make sure your brand is represented in this. If you’re just one business owner, and your webshop is run by one person and people know that and like that, then you can just put for example your name like this and then the name of your brand. Or you might say well it’s gonna be customer service, something like this. You can create anything you want over there and then the from address should be a email that people can reply to, and they actually know that that is a real person. Make sure that this email address also exists in your domain or else it might end up in the spam, and you don’t want that. You could use something like info@. In most cases you want to do something like that would be most logical. Then we have the email template. Here you can customize some WooCommerce emails. When you click over here, you can see how your template looks like this. Let’s customize this a little bit. You can add in your header image. Now just go to your media library. Select the logo you want to use. Click on it and press ‘Copy URL to clipboard’. And then over here you paste in the URL. And you press ‘Save changes’. And when I now preview my email template this is how it looks. Almost the way we want it. Then we’re going to change the colors. For this website we’re using a very bold color orange. And now it looks like this. It looks way better than what it was, right? You can also change the background color, the body background color, and the body text color. I almost forgot, the footer text, if you preview it this is the footer text built with WooCommerce. But what you might want to say over here, something like this: Have any questions contact us at

As you can see you cannot click this right now, but we can add HTML to this field. We’re just going to use some basic HTML link with a mail to tag like this. But let’s also add a subject to this mail, which is pretty easy to do. Just add in here ?subject=” and then

it actually looks like this, we have a beautiful email link over there, and when people click on it: you will actually see a subject says: Question about products and to So it really works great. Now these are all the settings you can do with WooCommerce out of the box. If you want more options and customize your entire mails to look absolutely beautiful, you would need another system like Mail Poet who works actually pretty great with WooCommerce. I’m gonna create a new tutorial about that one. So subscribe to see that tutorial in the near future.
By the way if you want to see how I created this beautiful webshop with all products, and product variations, and a beautiful card and with the shipping total and checkout you can just watch this tutorial, and there you can see how you can create this amazing webshop. Now let’s configure all these emails and let me explain you what they are the first three emails are actually for you as a webshop owner these are just notifications now the canceled and filled order are really important because when a customer fails to actually send in a order or when a customer cancel their order you can send them an email which says hey can I help you I notice that you try to order something and you can turn that cancellation in actually a sale now you can press on manage here you can enable or disable this entire email but it’s really fun to receive an email with a new order so I’m Gonna Leave This enabled if you want to add someone else type in a comma and then you type in this is the subject of your email I always customize it like new order from orange fit website and after this I type in the order number and that’s it that’s like a shortcode you can use order number oh like this so you can actually see there’s a new order and it’s number this one let’s separate it then the evil heading of course congrats new order but you can of course put anything in here whatever you want and the additional content is just one line of text at the bottom of your email only for yourself so I would suggest something like a quote winners never quit and quitters never win and in the email type I would say HTML because we live in 2022 and I like HTML emails if you actually do know how to change HTML you can override and change this template with this file and copy it to there to your theme folder and then you go to WooCommerce emails and then you can add it in and then you can actually change your and create your own HTML template if you don’t know what I’m saying at all just leave it and you get the normal emails which work fine right we’ve placed the order and our order is being checked being packed send out and we can enjoy our healthy products thank you for your order this is a beautiful thank you page isn’t it right so the first email is to me as web shop owner is from the customer service at orange fit and it says congrats New Order and on the number and you guys can see the entire or payment method is direct bank transfer then we have the billing address and the shipping address and then we have our quote winners have a quick quitters never win have any questions contact us so for me as web ship owner this is a perfect meal it’s very clear and it’s very nice to even check out my phone yes I have a new order go back to your emails let’s change the canceled order press manage again this is exactly the same as the one but now we’re gonna change this one and the subject will be will be attention and the heading would be well this is great any additional content will be I’ve learned that people will forget what you said people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel now how can’t you turn this canceled order into a sale when reading this quote right there go back to your emails Phil’s order again subject of the field order should be filled order help needed with the order number we’re gonna remove this hopefully they’ll be back when is this passive thing no you’re an entrepreneur you should go out there help people change lives and make a profit while doing so happy customers are your biggest Advocates and can become your most successful sales team alright then we go on the orders to our customers these three emails are on holds processing order and completed order are vital for your webshop because people like to receive a email when they’ve placed their order order on hold is a email that will be sent out to when you change their order from processing or anything else to the status on hold and it’s basically used when there’s something wrong with your stock or you can send it out or you’re still waiting for some things if you of course never do this kind of things in your webshop you can actually disable this email notification because people will not receive the mail when you change your status as around your order is currently and then you say we look forward to fulfilling your order soon contact us if you have any questions at like this then this is the email your customer will receive when placing the order from customer service really nice and if you now scroll down you will see your order is currently on hold hi Matt thanks for your order it’s on hold until the confirmed payments has been received in the meantime here’s a reminder of what you ordered you can wire the money to our USA bank account and then everything because I’ve set that up in the payment options and when you scroll down there you just receive their order number over there and the date and the entire price of what we have just ordered and again we’re looking forward to fulfilling your order soon contact us if you have any questions at have any questions again contact us at When I See This I definitely would change some of these texts so do you have any questions contact us again I will replace this actually with some text about your webshop itself like where you’re at the address the phone number the email address and the URL you know you live you learn and then we save our changes now this email will be sent out immediately when someone goes to the cart goes to the checkout and pays for their products then the state status will be changed to processing and they will receive this email so make sure you think about this one because this one they will receive definitely the subject will be thank you for your order and the heading will be your order is being processed additional contacts any questions you can send us a email save changes now when I change my order to processing like this and I press apply I’ll receive a new email and remember you can always send out manual emails by going into your order choose an action resend New Order notification and then you click on update then I receive this email as a customer your order is being processed hi Matt just to let you know we have received your order number 587 and it’s now being processed this is what you see just what you have done great and then the completed order is the mail you will receive when you have actually changed the status in orders to complete it I use this email always to send out that their products are on their way great deals your order is on its way that’s the subject and then the heading would be hang on your order is almost there and additional context thanks for shopping with us if you have any questions service at once you’ve actually packed it in and you’ve shipped it out then you can say change status to complete it and when I press complete it and then I receive this email great news your order is on its way hang on your order is almost there hi Matt we have finished processing your order and when reading this you will see that hey this text could actually be a little bit longer something like we’ve finished processing your order you will receive a track and Trace link within a few minutes from our carrier it’s ups um this webshop it will be honest where you will be having it within two days something like that when you change the status to in order to refund it then they will receive this email and then you can say your refund is on its way and then you have a partial refund maybe they you can give some money back or chill refund is on its way and I think this email header is okay sorry for travels if you want to share where we can improve send us your thoughts at orange fit service at and when I press refund it I also will send a refunded email your refund is on its way for order 586. and there you can have this one you can see order fully refunded minus and then the total is zero in Euro because we have just refunded it and there it is sorry for troubles if you want to share where we can improve and then you have the customer invoice order details now we’re gonna change this by using a free plugin to actually send PDFs with all our mails that we are sending because I just like to be thorough and give people a PDF invoice before they’re going to ask us for it and then we have a very strange email the customer knows if you’re adding a customer note to a order they will receive a email about it I would suggest turning this off why I have three web shops and when I add notes to my orders they’re only from me and the people I work with to see them not for the customer if I want my customer to know something I just sent them an email or I call them that’s the way you should communicate with your customers so we’re gonna press save changes if you’re working with accounts so people can log in to actually Place another order without filling all their information then these two emails are very important password reset request for your site title and the email heading is here is your new any content should not be thanks for reading but make sure to use a safe password and then you can send out mails for new accounts however think about this before you’re gonna change this email because when someone places a order at your webshop they also receive an email from your processing order and after that maybe the same day you have it completed send it out we want them also to send out a third email with their new account you have to think about this really good because sometimes I order something and I get three four five meals from one company with saying welcome we have received your order we have shipped your order and we’ve created a new account for you so you can actually turn this off within here enable this email notification or you can customize it the way you should it’s totally up to you I’m gonna disable it because it doesn’t gonna give the customer any new information they already didn’t have and then we have a field subscription renewal SAA authentication is used when you’re using subscriptions on your webshop we’re not using it on this webshop so I don’t know exactly why this is on but we’re just gonna leave it on and you know it kind of hurt when it’s on and nobody uses it so the pre-order payment action needed is actually when someone places your order and there’s still a few steps to be taken before payment will be processed to your webshop I’ll leave this on because you never know and then we have a payment authentication request email this one is sent to you the webshop owner and in this mail you will just receive a email which says the automatic payment is failed for this order number and is mostly used for subscription renewal payments if you don’t have that you can turn this off or else just leave it on you never know now this is great in all these emails but I want to send PDF invoices with these Mills automatically from my store how are we going to do that is really easy go to plugins add new and we go to search for WooCommerce PDF invoices and packing slips now this plugin not only gives you PDF invoices but also packing slips because when you’re fulfilling your orders you want to print out a nice paper so add in the order and send it out at least that is what I do with my three web shops it is completely free and it works excellent and then we press on settings over there I really like this one new to WooCommerce PDF invoices run the setup wizard or I am the wizard let’s run the setup Wizards in this case it is orange fit and then your address this will be added into your PDF invoices and your packing slips press next and then we’re gonna set up our logo press next well where do you want to put your PDF invoices to it really depends on your product and your customers if you’re adding into processing order then when you cancel the order or something happens you have to refund it they already have a invoice and then you have to send a credit invoice to make things right again so what I would say is you put it to completed order because then you have packed it you have shipped it it’s on its way and then we receive the PDF invoice you can also of course put it on your own orders the admin email now there’s also a customer invoice order details manual email and you can find that but when you edit your order over here you can choose customer invoice and then they will receive the PDF with the email and then you have of course all the other emails press next then what you want to display in your invoice options well I want to display the shipping address email address phone number invoice date and the inforce number very important what’s next choose if you want to have it on A4 or a letter I want to use the A4 and you can choose that you want to place the action buttons let’s put them in there and I’m going to show you why this is very useful next happy selling finish it all now we have created this beautiful invoice it looks amazing doesn’t it and it’s just completely free I love these guys and now this will be automatically sent out to with your email as an attachment now if we go to the left side we can actually choose how you want you as a webshop owner to view you PDFs download them or open them in a new browser it’s totally up to you and then you can choose a template it’s just a simple template you can copy all these files to the child Theme by there and you can customize it now this is very useful for one of my web shops I have customized this PDF to make it double-sided so when I print it as a packing slip it is double-sided printed with commercials of other products of more information about what we do on the back side of the packing slip this is actually really easy to do if you know some HTML and then you can of course use Desmos extended currency symbol support for strange currencies and then fun subsetting for Asian funds if you’re using it of course change your logo again and you can change the logo height in centimeters I don’t know why it is in centimeters or millimeters or maybe one centimeter and then you can see that the updated version is much smaller so that is pretty nice and you can change your shop name and your shop address and then you have another footer area and then again and when you stop typing it actually being added immediately to the bathroom or you can do like this put in your telephone number your postal address now these extra fields are only available if you buy of course the premium templates because if you type something like this nothing will happen on your invoice right now and then we press save changes and all is well now let’s head over to documents because there’s some more important stuff we need to take care of you can change it to packing slip or invoice right now the differences between the two on your inverse you will see all the prices and your fat totals and in your packing slip you won’t see anything at all you just see what has to be in the box without the prices so let’s configure the invoice first because there’s something we need to do which is very important you can disable the invoice for different statuses you can display your shipping address yes no or always I always do this because then it’s very clear where this thing goes to then you can show their email address yes or no their phone number on the packing and the customer nodes yes or no I think it’s very nice to put it on the invoice if you want to display the invoice date you can say yes I want to make the invoice date itself on the day that the invoice has been sent out or you want to put it on the order date so that it’s been sent out in the invoice date will be the same as the order date if you’re doing this one then you could basically turn it down to no so then the order date will only be added right there to this and then you have just one date and that is perfectly fine for this webshop and then we have a display invoice number the invoice number is pretty important because people have to add this invoice to their booking systems now there’s a big difference between order numbers and invoice numbers order numbers will be used as invoice number is not recommended as this may lead to gaps in the invoice number sequence hmm so you should actually use a different invoice number created by this plugin so you can send out the invoices numbers to your customers and also in your booking program when you’re doing your bookkeeping things will add up and will be okay if you however want to change the order numbers to make them sequential because WooCommerce is not sequential with the numbers it just that’s the way WordPress works with posts and pages and comments and projects all these things get numbers so they’re all adding up so your orders will have different gaps then you should use another paid plugin I always use the plugin sequential order numbers Pro to fix this problem however for now we need an invoice number now the text invoice number I just would keep it on zero and then it will just add up during the years and then you have a prefix if you have multiple shops this is very useful I use it all the time because I have three web shops so I have to keep them apart with the invoices you would say well there’s a logo yes but when you’re doing bookkeeping then you have to use prefixes which are very useful because you don’t actually see all the invoices you just see numbers and prefixes and suffixes we’re going to call this one orange fit now everyone know that the prefix is orange or you can just say oh error which is actually with a stripe on it that’s great any suffix and you can add a year with in a voice year like this this will automatically be changed and you can add a dash into it that should be great so now the invoice number will be or1 2022 and then you can also choose to reset your info invoice numbers yearly also you can do this it’s not mandatory but you can if you have a 2 000 orders a year then it will become uh or orange 2001 and then you have a new year 2023 it’s a bit confusing so reset it it will be actually very useful when can people download their invoice in my account only when it’s already created or only for a specific order statuses and then they can also download it when it’s processing or on hold I would say only when the invoice is already created or emails enable inverse number column in the orders list if I enable this one this is what you see invoice number and here will become the invoice number of this order this is actually pretty useful if you’re using these numbers for your bookkeeping server so I would suggest you enable it if it’s possible in your webshop to download free stuff like ebooks or maybe free products you created that you want to give out you should definitely check this one disable for free or why in your system they will create new invoices and new numbers for free orders but you’re not going to add the free invoices into your bookkeeping software it’s not necessary because the total is zero so disable this one and always use most current settings I would not enable this one because when you change your customer address for example it will also be changed in all the other invoices in the past when you have not moved your business around so I would suggest to turn this off then you can also change your packing slips any packing slips is really great you can’t attach them to emails but it’s actually not necessary because you can just print this out and then you can just send it in with your package it is excellent this works great display your email address and display your phone number on the packing slip you can do this and we’re just gonna press save changes why would you need another packing slip then the invoice well if someone sends out a package as a gift for someone else then you won’t see the prices in the package which is very nice and this is the status where you can actually debug your thing if you run into any problems using the book actions you can create multiple orders and I use it always in my webshop and I Press pdf packing slip and I press apply then it will generate our packing slip and I can print them out all in one go all these packing slips in one go and I can fulfill my orders in my web shell it works perfectly and I’m really happy with this and you can also do a PDF invoice and then you will the invoice will be created and you can also download it or send it out there’s another way to do this this is using the build actions but you could also use these icons over there the PDF invoice just click on it or you can click on the PDF packing slip and it will be generated immediately and then I receive this email hang on your order is almost there we have finished processing your order and also have an attachment and then we can see that the attachment is the invoice we have just created amazing this plugin is entirely free right if you have any questions or you just want to say thank you math just drop it down in the comments and like this video if I helped you out subscribe if you want to see more videos about WordPress Divi or WooCommerce I’ll see you in the next video and I wish you a awesome day