Keyword Research for SEO 2020 – For Beginners

May 15, 2020 | SEO

How to do a 100% FREE keyword research for SEO? Learn everything about keywords and how to find them, and what their EXACT (almost) search volume is!

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Keyword Research for SEO 2020 – For Beginners | Learn with the WPress Doctor ?‍?

I want you to succeed with your website, so lets get started.

0:00 Keyword Research for SEO 2020 – Intro
1:02 Why go through all the trouble?
1:19 Push and Pull marketing
3:25 Keyword Research tool #1
5:00 The 4 types of Modifiers
5:42 Keyword research tool #2
6:40 Keyword research tool #3
10:03 Shot Tail Keywords and Long Tail keywords
11:43 Create your SEO strategy

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Keyword Research for SEO 2020 – For Beginners

?Transscript? In this video I will show you how to do a keyword research, why it is essential for your online success. I will teach you the difference between push and pull marketing and I will show you the three tools I use to get my clients started with a keyword research. If you haven’t watched my video about “The Three Pillars of SEO”, you really should do that first, because it zooms out and takes a full look at the context of SEO, which is essential information before you start creating a keyword list and do some keyword research, because SEO is way more than just your content. I am the WordPress Doctor. I’ve been building websites since 2001 and building within WordPress since 2004. I have my own national hosting company and I have a web development agency. I have a degree in communication and marketing, so I will show you this fun journey about keyword research. Buckle up! Because this might be a game changer for you. So why should we go through all the trouble of doing good keyword research? Well in life as general and in your online business, you’ll see that you have to make sure that the ladder you are climbing, is against the right wall. Doing a keyword research makes sure that it is. So in marketing we have push and pull marketing. Push marketing is when you got confronted with advertisement that you didn’t ask for. It is product-driven. You go outside, you see outdoor advertisement. You turn on your television, you see commercials. You hear commercials on the radio, they’re all pushed on you, you didn’t ask for it. Pull marketing is something: when you have a problem you are looking for a solution, and on that moment you receive an email from someone, or you get called by anyone or they see your webpage, or they type it in Google and they find their answer. Isn’t that awesome when you can solve someone’s problem? Now remember, you get paid by solving people’s their problem! Bring value to the market and the market will in exchange, pay you for problems you are solving. Always keep that in mind. So with pull marketing you are not creating a search market, no you just hook in a market that already exists. The same is with the term “Wireless in-ear headphones”. It has been around since 2008. So now it is a big market where you can hook into. However, “Airpods” hasn’t been in the search engines since 2016. So a pull marketing for Airpods before that time, would never been successful. But when Apple did a push marketing strategy on Airpods, now you can do a pull marketing strategy -like SEO-, to get into that market. The same is with your service or your website or your product. Because when John has a cleaning service which is called “John Xtreme Clean”, don’t expect a lot of traffic on those terms. So John should create a page which says “Housecleaning Chicago” and when people visit his website, they will see his product which is called “John Xtreme Clean” and then he can sell the product.