Duplicate Pages Posts With 1 Click WITHOUT a Plugin

May 25, 2020 | SEO

The snippet:

In this really short video I will show you how to enable a ‘duplicate’ functionality in your WordPress website WITHOUT a plugin! It is a huge timesaver!

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Duplicate Pages Posts With 1 Click WITHOUT a Plugin | Learn with the WPress Doctor ?‍?

I want you to succeed with your website, so lets get started.


0:00 Duplicate pages & posts with 1 click – Intro
0:29 Login to WordPress
0:47 Edit your child theme
1:12 Paste the snippet ➜ https://wpressdoctor.com/duplicate/
1:40 Check if it works
2:10 A word from the Doctor – Outtro

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Duplicate Pages Posts With 1 Click WITHOUT a Plugin


In this very short video I’ll show you how you can duplicate your posts or pages with just one click, WITHOUT using a plugin. Of course there are dozens of plugins who can do this, but I just don’t want all those plugins in my WordPress websites, because they tend to slow it down. You can just follow this easy tutorial and I’ll show you in just one minute how you can add this functionality to your WordPress website.

Login to your WordPress dashboard. If you are still using /wp-admin/ to login, that’s not very safe, so definitely watch my tutorial about WordPress security: “The circle of five”. When you are logged in, you go to ‘appearance’ and then you go to ‘theme editor’. Now remember, you should select your child theme. If you do not have a child theme, then you cannot go any further. Please watch my other tutorial about creating a child team in just five minutes. After you have created your child theme, come back here and we’ll continue. When you already have a child theme, select your child theme right here. Go to ‘functions.php’.

Go to the description of this video -> click the ‘show more’ button. And click on this link. Here you just select the entire snippet. And click on ‘copy’. And you paste here the little snippet you got from my website. So you press ‘update file’ and then we go to posts to check if it works. Go to ‘all posts’. And when I hover my mouse over this one, I see: Oh! it’s working! Duplicate this page. And let’s see with pages if it works. Also there is a duplicate button, and when you just press this little duplicate button, you will go to a draft version of exactly the same page. When I go back to my pages you will see that I have a second contact page called ‘draft’ and it’s created right there.

Now wasn’t that easy? But how rude of me! I didn’t introduce myself. I’m the WordPress doctor. I’ve been building websites since 2001, and since 2004 in WordPress. I have my own national hosting company, and my development agency. I also have a degree in marketing and communication, so I do know how to be successful on the internet. If you want to know more and if I helped you out in this video, hit that like button below. and if you want to know more about WordPress related stuff like speeding up your website, SEO, conversion optimization… just hit a subscribe button, and I will take you by the hand and teach you, hopefully something new. Have a awesome day!