Wordfence vs Solid Security 2024

Feb 22, 2024 | Security


0:00 Intro
0:09 First time setup wizard
0:42 User interface
2:17 Malware Scanner
4:30 Firewall
5:44 Two Factor Authenticating
7:06 Pricing
8:50 Patchstack integration
10:00 Hide backend
10:56 Slowing down your website
11:28 The most important question
12:40 Conclusion

How will you benefit? 

What Security Plugin should you use on your WordPress Website? Solid Security or Wordfence? In this video I’ll show which one I prefer.

Solid Security PRO Tutorial 2024

Solid Security PRO Tutorial 2024

Security is very important these days. Check out Solid Security PRO here: https://wpressdoctor.com/solid/ – You don’t want to get hacked. In this tutorial we will be setting up Solid Security PRO to really secure your website.