WPML and Plesk multi domain (5 min. fix)

Jan 28, 2020 | Plesk

WPML and Plesk… a very good combination, if it works! When you have Plesk on your server and you are trying to get multi domain translations working with WPML than you will notice that is not that easy. When pointing WPML to another domain in WordPress, you will see  that the URL will not validate if it is not configured the right way. I have spend hours finding a solution – without any succes. That is the reason why I made this toturial so it will save you a lot of time.

Follow this toturial and within 5 minutes you have the problem fixed!

WPML and Plesk 5 steps & 5 min. fix

Step 1: Translate your pages in the desired languages.

-Step 2: Login to WordPress, go to WPML -> Languages ->  Language URL format -> and look for the text: “Choose how to determine which language visitors see contents”. There you change the value to “A different domain per language”. Fill in your domain names with the corresponding languages.

Step 3: Login to Plesk and make sure the different domains are added to the same user.

Step 4: Within your other language domain, go to ‘hosting settings’. Change the ‘/yourtranslateddomain.xx/httpdocs/.

Step 5: Visit your website and all things are working the way it should!