How to choose the right domain name

Mar 1, 2020 | Make a website

How to choose the right domain name | Learn with the WPress Doctor ?‍?

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Choosing the right domain name is very important. Before chosing, ask yourself these 4 questions that really will help you think in the right direction.

I want you to succeed with your website, so lets get started.


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How to choose the right domain name


One of the most important questions with big consequences is this: what domainname should I choose for my website? I am going to help you out! I will give you a few questions and with these questions we will get the perfect domain name for you. I’ll also show you where to register your domain name and I will also give you a few examples of right and wrong domain names so let’s get started.

Hi, I am the WordPress doctor. I’ve been building websites since 2004. I have my own national hosting company and I do have my own national web development agency. I have seen a lot of domain names in the past few years and I will help you by asking you simple questions. So let’s get started with question number one.

By asking yourself these questions you will get clarity and clarity leads to a clear vision and a clear vision will show you the next step to take. So the first question we need to ask ourselves: is the name brandable? Can you put it on a van or on a sign in your shop? The second question we need to ask ourselves; is it easy to remember? Is it catchy? The third question we ask ourself, is is it easy to pronounce? And the fourth and last questions you need to ask yourself: is our target audience going to recognize it? Is it logical in their eyes?

Okay let’s get into the examples, it’s gonna be fun. Do you know what this guy is doing? Is it a big company or is it just one person? Uou get the idea, it’s crystal clear and also because of the keyword plumber inside your domain name, you also get a slight SEO advantage in search engines. That’s good. What do you think they do? They sell cables of course. Very easy, its catchy and easy to remember. Do you know what that’s about? No and neither do I. Because it is nothing. But if you have a lot of marketing budget you can create it intoa brand when you can sell anything you would like. Yeah that’s an option but tryto keep it more easy. I know you’re in the lumber business and I know you’re in Chicago because it’s your zip code but maybe you can call it Lke you have the chic of Chicago and also Chic of fancy and you’re selling lumber so that’s a possibility. Try to write your email address with the numbers in zip code. 60621Chicagolumber. oh no it’s gonna be horrible. Please stay away from that okay. Well that sounds pretty catchy and fiscallini, it sounds like something Italian or something which has to do with fiscal business. Hmm maybe a good domain name. Now this sounds like a real winner. If you are a mechanic you’re in a car business we all know that friendly mechanics are really unique. But if you say “well I’m a mechanic and I hate people I just want to fix the car”.  I’m gonna tell you, don’t start for yourself, it’s not gonna work. But if you do want to start for yourself you better start working on your people skills and I have in the description below one book that really helped me fixing my people skills and really get me on the next level with people. So that would be a great tip for you.

When you have a short list of domain names write them down click in the description in this link and register your domain names ASAP. No I’m kidding. Just stop for a moment there, write them down and sleep over it. I’m not kidding, I’m very serious. Just sleep over it. I have clients who register like 40 domain names in a month and they actually never used one of them. It’s a big waste of money and time. So the few times that I registered the domain name just because I thought it was awesome and I couldn’t sleep all night because this domain name, ah man, this was the bomb and I had a complete idea about it, fixing this website getting this thing up in the air and I wrote them down. The next morning I saw the same domain name and I was like; “what? Was this my great bomb idea that would change the world?”. No. So please write them down, sleep over it, talk about it with your friends and family and just see if it’s catchy, brandable, short and if it’s the right domain name for your business.

Go to the link in this description and here you can easily register your domain name. I’ve also created a video to show you how to build your website. Your very first website in just 10 minutes by using the best WordPress theme there is. So you can check it out also. This was the tutorial, and if I helped you out please hit that like button and I am desperate to see your domain name in the comments. So please write them down because I’m looking forward to what you are building to change the world. Thank you very much and have a awesome day, and remember you are your brand, there’s no one that can make it to a success, only you! The sky is the limit, good luck!

If you’re still thinking about your brand name, no problem. Just realise this; it’s a quote (I don’t know who was the original author of it) but it doesn’t matter. Every
master was once a disaster,  every winner was once a beginner, and every champion, was once a contender. So my advice to you is; keep going until you have the right name. Come on you can do it!