Copyright Free Images – The 8 Best Websites

Feb 24, 2022 | Make a website

Get Awesome Stock Photo’s for your website entirely free! These places are great to get free stock photo’s. Let me show you what I use for years!
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Copyright Free Images – The 8 Best Websites


Hey guys! What’s up? Welcome to another video. I’m the WPress Doctor and today we are talking about stock photos for your website. There are a lot of places where you can find excellent quality copyright free stock photos. And I’m gonna show you which one I use the.

The first one I want to show you is
It is in my opinion the best website. If you go to you can find any kind of photos you want. For example, if you want to have stock photos from offices, you type in office and you can scroll down and you can just pick any photo you want to use. So let’s say you want to use someone here who’s working on a laptop, you just click on this photo and here you can just download it for free in small, medium, large, or even the original size.
When you download it just start immediately. The only thing you have to do is say ‘thank you’ to give it on social media. Or copy the text below ‘This photo by Unsplash’ so you can place it on your website. I prefer to give it on social media so it’s not on your website but it’s totaly up to you.

The next website is This is a beautiful website with a lot of pictures you can use for any kind of websites you have. For example, if we have a dog website and I search for a dog,
we get 319 free dog pictures. That is amazing. The first one with the star are all sponsored, so you have to buy them if you want them Of course that’s the way these websites make money. But all these stock photos you can just use and place inside of your website. Just click on the one you want. This will be a really great picture to use on a website that is about isolating the floor. So that it’s warm and comfortable in your house. This would be a great picture that I would use. If you want it, just press on ‘Free download’ and it’s already downloaded to my computer. And of course we can give credit to the creator of the photo by copying this code, place it on your website or give a shout out on the social media. One of my favorite websites is It has a gigantic amount of content, but what’s also really great is when I type in for example ‘Surfing’ and you can actually see all these beautiful pictures. But you can also change the orientation of them. For example, sometimes you need vertical photos, sometimes you need horizontal photos. You can click over here on your right side, you can change your orientation for only horizontal content. This is very useful. Also you can change the size, large medium or small. And you can change the color.

For example, I only want to see surfing pictures which has the pink color inside of it. Then you see that you get a whole different bunch of photos about – well I typed in surfing, so you also get internet surfing, surfing on the net – but you can see how it works. This color filter is really great. If I just go up again and then I remove the color filter. And now I go to videos, and there you can find a lot of videos you can also use as backgrounds for your sections for example.

So let’s say I want to use this video, people surfing on the beach. And I look at it and i’m like yeah this is exactly what I want to sell on my website about the beach. And you can hire a resort, and you can spend the holiday with us and we have an excellent beach. It is something like this, but I don’t have my own videos just yet. I can use this and there’s a free download of course, and I can choose a size. HD, Full HD, Quad HD or the original. And then we can just press ‘Free download’ and here it goes, it will be downloaded to my computer. It is amazing. Of course we can say thanks to Jess, we can donate, we can thanks on Twitter, Instagram or we can just copy the entire backlink on our website. Pexels is really a great place to be. Then we have another one which is It is also a great website to find content for.

It is also a great website to find content for your own website. I need to find photos from a laptop. And then it just goes, and I can find all the photos there are to find on my laptop. For example I want this stock photo. Looks really great. I just click on it, and I can also just download it right there. And there it is, it is already on my computer. Another website is It is a little bit of a different style as you can see, because these images tend to have a little bit of animation on it. A little bit of uh well just a different style like this. For example if I search for money, this is what I get. And well, so it’s a fun place to dive if this is your style and you need something like this, like animated pictures for your website. You can just click on it, and the thing is, it has a lot of ads around it, I really don’t like that but hey, they have to make money somehow. And you can just download the options when you have logged in. So then you need to register first and then you can download all these things. And then we have another website which is you can find again other kind of photos/. This is a different style, as you can see it is a lot more gracious. So let’s see for wedding.

And when I search for wedding this is what I see for example, I see actually real wedding pictures, flowers and it’s a great style. But it’s all from one photographer I see…

Here we go so and when I download the original picture I can just press ‘Free download’ and I already have it on my computer. They don’t have an awful lot of photos, but it’s a good website if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the other websites. And of course one of the oldest photo websites that I use when I was just a little kid, and just starting out I was 15 years building my own website, and then I went to And on Flickr you can actually find for example a beautiful car. Let’s go for a car and what you can actually do here is ‘Advanced’ and then you can search for the orientations, the sizes, the dates, the content, photos or videos, but what you need to do is go for ‘Any license’. You have to click on that, and you have to select one of these. If you set ‘Commercial use allowed’ then you are absolutely safe with no copyright so you can just download them and you can use them even in print, on your website or anywhere else. So when you search on you will find a lot of different pictures. I don’t go here a lot, because I don’t like the style of the photos it is not actually what I use for my websites. I don’t know why but it is just, not very I don’t know… very commercial looking photos or something. I don’t know. But now you know you can also use Flickr for your photos. And last, but certainly not least is Pixabay I also use this website a lot, because it works way better than Flickr and the photos are absolutely amazing. I mean look at this, those are just beautiful pictures you can use on your website. Oh I like the zebra. So if you want to have this zebra, you can just press on ‘Free download’ and what I like about Pixabay is this: “Free for commercial use no attribution required”. We just press on it we select our size, I like the well if I were creating website I would keep my images around this 200 kilobyte, but you can just go to this one and scale it down with Photoshop or anything. Press on ‘Download’ and if you don’t like the captchas you can register, sign up anything, but there’s no problem. I just like to click on pictures. I really like pictures to click on it. And then we just press ‘Download’ and here we go,
the picture is already on my computer. I hope you’ve seen enough websites to get some inspiration from, and to get real pictures for your website. If I helped you out, hit that like button, and if you have a question just drop them down in the comments. If you have other websites that I definitely need to check out also, drop them in the comments i’ll be, i’m really glad to learn something. And also if you just want to say thank you, drop it in the comments because then I can receive it. I’ll see you in the next video guys, have a awesome day!