Hiring a Webdesigner? 10 Things You Need To Know

Jan 22, 2022 | Make a website

Save yourself a LOT of pain and money! These tips are very important if you EVER want to hire someone in this area.
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Hiring a Webdesigner? 10 Things You Need To Know


Tip number 1: Does your website builder has a commercial and marketing feeling? Do you want to acquire customers? make a living of your website? Is it extra income, or is it just a website to show off your hobby to the outside world? With any website where generating income is actually a factor, you should look for a web builder who breaths commerce, and preferably has a marketing background for a study or anything. The mistake that many people make is that building a beautiful website will automatically generate income. The website must have a inviting and persuading design. A lso called converting design. People must be able to navigate easily on your website the “Don’t make me think” and make a purchase or leave their details at your doorstep. In addition the foundation of visibility – SEO – must be solid. And the technology must be good and super fast. You also want to be able to easily adapt something in the future, and your website should not fall apart within 5 years of building, overtaken by technology.
A website that does not achieve its goal, is simply not a good website. So make sure your web builder actually breathes marketing, knows how to sell stuff. You might say ‘Well i’m not selling stuff, I just have a blog”. Well let me tell you something, you’re always selling something. In this case of a blog, you’re selling your stories to people to read them if you sell products well it’s obvious you’re selling your products. If you showcase your service you are selling yourself or your service to your website visitors. M ake no mistake, this is very important. Your web builder should actually know how marketing works.

Tip number 2: What is his or her track record of 100 own websites? Let me explain this, of course you have to like the portfolio they have, but they have built someone’s else’s dream, and be in success from someone else’s drive. But a much more important question is what 99% of the people overlook when looking for a web builder, is that they don’t seem to understand that personal projects of the web builder himself is way more interesting. Do they have their own webshops? Do they have their own project websites? Because if you practice what you preach, and if you really know how online marketing works, and how persuasive design works, they should have own projects that are completely of themselves which actually generates income for them. Ask your web builder if they make money with their own projects. And this is way more important than you might think. Because how is somebody going to help you, if they don’t practice what they preach on their own websites? How do they know that what they advise you actually works? “In the land
of the blind, one eyed is king”. And this is very important that you hire someone who actually has been there done that and lives it every single day. Not to boast or anything but to give you an example: i’m a web builder myself i actually live from it and i have 11 personal websites. Two of them are webshops that actually sell physical products. Three of them are comparison websites, two of them are servicing websites and four blogs. All of them combined are giving me a really nice income to live from. And that’s totally apart from my clients that hire me to tell them how to help them with your SEO with their marketing and with the persuasive designs.

Tip number 3: How good is he/she at communicating with you? This is a very important tip, do not underestimate this one. Many of my current clients switched to me because they couldn’t not communicate with their web designer or web builder in a rightly manner. And you will notice this right from the start, just leave a message, send them a email, give them a call and see how quick they respond to your inquiry.
Do they respond through email? Oh that’s already a bad start. A good web designer or web builder will immediately pick up the phone and give you a personal call, so you can get to know them and they can ask the right questions. Communication is vital in the long run. It can be very frustrating if your web designer keeps making the same mistakes: Your web designer -number 1- is doing a very lot based on assumptions. “Oh I thought you meant this”. Number two is; almost or never calling you to have a chat on the phone instead of email or texting. Resulting in inefficient emails and text messages just to make some point clear. The third one is not being constructive and motivating. Trust me, entrepreneurship brings a lot of pressure and negative people to work with, is like sucking you dry. Don’t do that… ever. Fourth one is not being able to make the right expectations then a client says; “Well I never know when he’s actually going to do this because I have emailed it and asked it, but i do not have response so and he says i’m going to pick it up later in two weeks i don’t know what i’m working with…” If you notice that your web designer / web builder is doing that, please hire someone else. And the fifth one is; talking in technical terms and not being able to explain himself properly. Because when you have a relationship with a web designer like that you always feel stupid to ask things. And here you should also listen to your intuition. I often hear clients that says; “Well it didn’t feel right from the start because I couldn’t follow what he was saying, and I didn’t understand his technical terms and I didn’t feel right i i thought you know these guys aren’t just social they don’t know what they’re saying they don’t know how to connect with people but it started to play tricks on me in the long run.” A lot of miscommunication a lot of assumptions and everything started to go sideways from there trust me i’ve heard that a lot of times so always pay attention how does the web designer communicate with you, what are the forms of communicating, what are its chosen words and finally the tone makes the music.

Tip number 4: Does the web designer or web builder dares and can counter you? As an extension of the communication part it is very important if you can experience how much knowledge your web designer actually has. And does he dare to speak to you about it? You can easily test this, just ask some questions about online marketing and a strategy you should take with your website your business and your target audience. Actually this is the way to check is if he or she has some backbone. You should ask the exact same questions about your website to other web builders and designers. In this way you can compare the answers and find the right person. Because a expert in this case would actually give you the right answers based on his experience with other clients and the marketing trends right now on the net. For example a automated booking process that automatically fills your agenda might sound very good. Bight not work in your particular business for your particular target audience. Because maybe you are very good in the sale process to actually call a customer and make the first appointment change to something much bigger. So the web designer should be able to advise you the right strategy, based on his years of experience and also his contact with clients by asking them what is actually working on their websites. When they try and work with their own projects with trial and error they know exactly what works right now for your website.

Tip number 5: How is the website builder of the website builder itself? Does it only have a Fiver account or only a LinkedIn profile, or does he actually has a website? When you look at it you say “Wow this is amazing!”. It should be a playground of possibilities visual effects and should be the creme de la creme of websites. Now a many hurt excuse I hear is: Well i’m too busy with my clients i don’t have time for my own website!” I understand and i know how that works but basically, you really should make time for that because it is your only way to show people how awesome you are in building your website. In my opinion it is pure nonsense. This is because developing someone else’s website is way more easier than create your own brand and your own website. I’m talking from experienced guys, I know exactly how it is. Ask the questions that really matter: Who am I? Where I’m going to? Where I’m from? What is my goal? Those are the real core questions that a web builder should really ask himself before getting some clients. A couple days ago I walked through a garden of someone. And in his garden there was a big sign which says: “Hire me! I’m a gardener and I want to work!” But when I looked at his own garden, I was like “Oh wow, I do not want this guy to work in my garden… never!” I mean why would I hire someone with his own garden is a mess? If you’re doubting about this one please don’t hesitate follow your gut and don’t go with this web designer.

Tip number 6: “For 350 dollars your website is done and is ready tomorrow”. So the question behind this is: Do you want a standard website with just a template you can buy from any place, or do you want a personally made website completely tailor-made for your brand? If you don’t have a lot of money, it’s better to start with a 350 website than to not start at all. But you better can watch my tutorial about how to build a website and just create your own website from with only 200 to get your Divi license. But if a web builder promise you for only 300 $ to create a website, what he does is actually grabbing a template, changing some colors and changing some pictures put your logo in it, and voila your website is done. If you don’t want to have customers then this is a awesome way to get yourself a website with no customers at all and just no conversion. And your dream will never going to get reality. If it looks too good to be true, It probably is. I have encountered a lot of clients with this kind of websites and looking at the backend it is just not well created. The SEO doesn’t fit, it’s not built for future, you cannot create anything else on it because things will break if you try to add more stuff, and it’s not scalable. As a entrepreneur you have to build a awesome website which is actually worth your time in your effort. A web builder who really delivers quality, knows what he is worth so the price will be a lot more higher than your 300 dollars for a website. So what is a normal price? Well i deliver my website from three thousand dollars for a person. And you not pay it all up front, you only pay the half up front and a half afterwards. A web builder does ask a lot of money in an hour, probably is worth it.
If the portfolio fits if the communication fits if the website of itself fits… All these things matter. Keep in mind cutting corners with websites is not the best solution on the long run.

Tip number 7: How are adjustments handled in the future? If all goes well you will get service after delivery. But remember if you want to make changes to your website after six months, the feeling you get when opening up your website which is: “How did i do this how should I….?” And it’s really frustrating to log in and you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Can you go to your official web designer to ask a simple question? Or will he charge you immediately for every 15 minutes you ask something? So who’s working on your security, who’s working on your backups? All good questions which you should ask on your web designer web builder how to implement all those things. And as a entrepreneur you want to have focus on your business, not on your website.
Your business is more important. However, if your website falls apart you don’t have a business! So it’s very important to ask with your web builder how does it work after six months, after one year? What if i want to scale it up? What if I want to adjust a lot of things? How much money does it cost me? And when you notice your web builder is actually hesitating or he or she does not know the answer… then you might want to run away because the only thing he does is putting up fast websites in the air and going to the next clients and next clients. Be aware you don’t want to have such relationship with your web builder because your business is way more important than that kind of people.

Tip number 8: How does the quote looks? It might sound a little bit strange, but the first offer you get through your mail, is very much saying about the person in question. How does the offer look? Is it made up really awesome with nice pictures, and it’s really clear what they’re going to do? How much it will cost and it just looks like fabulous? Then you are in the right spot. If you only get just a email which says: “Well your website will be thousand dollars now, five thousand dollars in a couple of months, and three thousand dollar afterwards.” You might want to reconsider if you want to work with this web designer. Because as you do one thing, so will you do all things in life. It’s a saying that really applies here. If your web designer doesn’t feel the need to really sell to you his services in a nice way, that really is like unpacking a awesome gift with these awesome things inside and you’re like; “Wow this is great!” Then you might consider another web designer. The person who gives a little attention to his or her quote, might be a person who probably doesn’t give a lot of attention to also your website. Do i want my website to be created by someone who doesn’t has an eye for detail?

Tip number 9: Are the extensions, plugin and themes chosen by a web builder are future proof? I can’t count anymore how many websites I completely build over again from scratch, just because the web builder has chosen a cheap theme from ThemeForest for example that hasn’t been updated for more than five years. And that is horrible! Because when everything breaks, you don’t get any support, you don’t get any help. It is just you, and the theme builder is like “Well I have built it, well it’s already outdated, I’ve built it five years ago, so I don’t support it anymore…” Please make sure the web builder choose a theme or a platform which actually creates a lot of updates in the last few years. If you’re using WordPress you might want to look into Divi, it is going strong from 2014 and you might want to look to Elementor Pro because those two companies are really the biggest one in the market. They have a revenue of millions a year and they are working with teams as large of the size of 100 people. That is what Divi does. Make sure the foundation of your website is going strong for at least five six seven eight years. Because I see a lot of themes and a lot of plugins which are really just bad. One of my personal annoyance is the huge amount of plugins web designers use to build a website. The more plugins the more chance it will be slow and break when one of these guys doesn’t update his stuff. Because what happens when one of these plugins isn’t updated when the latest WordPress release comes? Exactly, your website will break down. It will stop until that guy has updated it. And when you send them an email or you call him, you might hear a guy says: “Well I created another plugin, it works way better, it’s only fifty dollars” And you’re like, all right I might not do that. Just thinking these guys want to make profit from people who don’t know what they’re doing and actually trust them with a lot of money. So please stay away from these web designers. How do you do that? Ask the web designer what system they are using. And if they’re using WordPress, what theme are they using and what plugins are they using? You can easily do a back check on those themes to see how long have they be around. Is it from a company like Themeforest? Then I would say stay away from it, and as a bonus tip as soon as you hear people talking about Beaver Builder, Visual Composer or Bakery Builder, run away really fast!

Tip number 10: Can you see a demonstration of the final CMS they will be using? The first question you need to ask yourself is; do you in the end want to change your website yourself, or does a employee can do it for you? Because if you eventually want to do it yourself or an employee it is very important that you know what kind of CMS they are using and if it’s easy for you to use yourself. Ask yourself these questions; Is it user friendly? Will the web builder help you in the future? Is that free or is it paid? Are there any tutorials about your CMS? Do you want to spend your entire 4-hour morning to create another page or will it only take you 10 minutes? A small footnote: learning a content management system is very much person specific. For example; I have a guy who is only 30 years loves to work on his entrepreneurial adventures but really hates to work on his website. He just hires me to do the easy stuff. On the other hand I also have a 61 year old woman who’s actually doing everything about their website themselves.
And they’re doing actually pretty good job with SEO, writing content, creating the right pictures… Its awesome! But if you want to do it completely yourself, make sure you get a demonstration of the final CMS. Pay attention to these four things: Is it childlessly easy to change text titles and images? It is simple to change backgrounds without using photoshop? On one side changing colors on the other side semi transparent filters or images? Number three: Is it easy to change the design yourself? Creating borders, creating shapes, creating shading, changing positions, adding an extra column, adding an extra row. And number four: Is it easy to rotate pictures in your CMS, changing colors, changing positions, change perspective, adding shadows and adding appearancing effects? If the questions are not answered fully with a fully yes! Then you might need some time to learn your CMS which is also no problem, but if you look on the internet and look on YouTube and you find not a lot of tutorials about it it might be very hard to learn. That might not be a problem if you have a good communicating web designer. So you can always hire him or ask him something if you want to change anything.

Bonus tip number 11: It’s the final tip i’m giving you in this video. And that one is: choose the right hosting. I cannot amplify this enough and say it to my clients always; your bad hosting makes your website slow. It doesn’t work very well, the search engine doesn’t like your website, you’re not going up in the search results, and your visitors don’t want to wait three seconds for your images to load. Come on! Nowadays you can purchase hosting for only three dollars a year and you also get a free domain well i’m asking you is this the right deal for you in my experience those very cheap hosting companies lack a lot of support and lack a lot of easy features if you’re an entrepreneur and you don’t like to work in your website 24 hours a day then you need a hosting company which is excellent in speed and in support because if you have a simple question they you want to get a response within a couple of minutes and they can help you out with teams all across that world that works always so i actually could advise you a hosting company it is in the description of this video it is not the cheapest but is also not the expenses one they have servers in the google cloud their support is amazing and their website are really fast trust me if you’re still looking for a hosting company then follow the link in my description you help me out because i get a small fee and you get excellent hosting company and be aware some web designers also give you hosting and that might work because i do that also the same for my clients and it’s actually very good revenue it brings a lot of revenue in the pocket and it actually helps the clients because they can always call me for their hosting problems and when they have a question about their hosting but they can also call me if they have a question about their website because most of the time in ninety percent of all hosting companies i encountered when i asked a question about my website i get the answer well call your website builder because we don’t know anything about your website you listen all this way up to the last tip i’m proud of you if i helped you out in some way or another hit that like button so i know we were on the right track if you want to build your own website follow this tutorial and i will show you exactly how you can create the most awesome website in the world i wish you a awesome day and good luck with finding the right web designer if you have any questions please drop them down in the comments and i will respond to you have a awesome day and i’ll see you in the next video.