What is WordPress? How Does it Work?

Apr 16, 2020 | Divi

What is WordPress? How Does it Work? | Explained for Beginners With Backend Tour! | Learn with the WPress Doctor ?‍?

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In this video you will learn what WordPress is, how it works and I’ll take you with me on a guided tour throughout the WordPress backend (wp-admin).

I want you to succeed with your website, so lets get started.

0:00 What is WordPress? How Does it Work? – Intro
0:40 Explanation about what WordPress is
2:39 How does WordPress work?
2:50 WordPress Themes explained
3:42 WordPress plugins explained
6:01 WordPress Marketshare
6:13 Guided tour through the backend
14:18 A word from the doctor – Outtro
15:19 Self-development quote #8

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What is WordPress? How Does it Work? | Explained for Beginners With Backend Tour!


Hi there! I have created this video especialy for you, who wants to know: “What is WordPress?” Maybe one of your children told you: “I’m gonna build a website with WordPress!” or maybe one of your colleagues said: “Well we could just simply use a wordpress website”. And you are like: “Yeah, that sounds cool! I know what a website is, but what is WordPress?” This video is all about answering that question.

Hi. I am the WordPress Doctor. I have been building WordPress websites since 2004. I have my own national hosting company and my web development agency, so I definitely know what WordPress is. Let’s get started with the beginning.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system. What is that? It’s software that you can use. It’s a program on your computer which you can use to build a website. A content management – you can manage your content on your website. That is what WordPress is. The good news is: WordPress is totally free. It is open source. It means that everyone in the world can create stuff to use in your WordPress website. To make it better, to enhance it, and to create new stuff other people didn’t tought about. So WordPress is this great system you can use to build your website. How does this work? WordPress has a interface which you can… you can install WordPress on your server. You need a server, that’s a computer somewhere in the world where your website files are stored. When you type in your domain name, like WPressDoctor.com you go to this server. You connect to this other computer, and this other computer will show you the things that I have built on this website, using WordPress as a tool to build all those images, text and files and all the styles and all the formatting you see, all those things that I have created inside of WordPress.

Dive in

So far so good right? Now let’s dive in a little bit deeper. Because within WordPress you can build anything you want. It’s not just a system to create blogs. You know, text with images above it. No, WordPress has grown into this gigantic website, you can build anything. You can even build your own e-commerce website where you can sell stuff to people. You get a notification, people can pay you using WordPress. It’s all in this system. But how does that work? Well WordPress itself is just a system, that has no styles or anything to it. So you would need a theme -that’s how
it’s called, a theme- you can just lay it over WordPress, so people will see the theme. This theme usually will give you some extra functionalities to add things to WordPress. So you can expand your website with all kind of things, like images, like a different kind of style of the menu on top of your website. You can all change that by using a different theme. Also, WordPress has more than 10,000 themes available and 4,000 of them are completely free. So that’s really awesome. If you want to know how it all works, I’ve created a video especially how to install WordPress and how to build a website in just 10 minutes and four simple steps. The link is in the description below so you can just click it and watch that video if you want to know how.

So you have these themes, but you also has have plugins. Now plugins are a little pieces of software that you put into your WordPress system, so that you can expand the functionality of your WordPress website. Using this, you can create a ecommerce website where you can sell anything you like for example. Also you can use this to speed up your WordPress website. Also you can use a plugin for… well if you want a special image gallery that your theme doesn’t support, you can download a plugin and you can place it into your WordPress website. Most of the times, those themes and those plugins are completely free. That’s the good news. On the other hand, if you want special things, really great coded things that are really awesome – the most companies charge you a little bit of money for those plugins or those themes. It’s not like you pay thousands of euros, thousands of dollars thousands of yen’s, no. It is very easy, you just pay like $50 or $20, or something in that price range because they’re just little snippets of code that you place into – little pieces of software and you place into your WordPress website.

Now you know the basics of WordPress. It’s a content management system, where you can place anything in it. That’s easy right? So I’m gonna take you to the back side of the website and show you where you log into WordPress. How does it all work? It will not be a tutorial about ‘how to create your own website’, but I’ll just walk you through all the things in WordPress. So you have an idea how it’s supposed to work and that you can make choice if you want to choose WordPress, or choose another content management system out there, to build your website. But well, I am the WordPress doctor, and I have been building websites since 2004 in WordPress and since 2001 with other kinds of systems. And I can tell you: WordPress is way out the best. 35 percent as from now, 35 percent of the websites in the top 10 million websites in the world, are built with WordPress. That says enough, because WordPress is such a great system. Now come on, I’ll show you the backside of WordPress.

Guided tour of the backside (wp-admin) of WordPress

So welcome to the backside of WordPress. This is a typical login page of WordPress. Once you have entered your credentials, you can log in. Welcome to the WordPress dashboard. It is the same with every WordPress installation. Of course you can tweak it, you can style it, you can change it, but this is the place where you always start. On the left side we have the big menu with all the things that WordPress has to offer you. And you have on the far top, you have the WordPress branded menu. You have your own WordPress website when I click this, I will go to my website. This is for all the discussion and the comments added to your website. And this is to create something new. So you see on the left side is the WordPress menu. You can see these four options are for your content of your WordPress website, and these options are for the settings and creating the layout of your website and the functionalities of your website. Well of course we have updates. When you click on this, you will go to the WordPress updates section, and here you can always update your plugins and your themes and WordPress itself. As I mentioned before: you have WordPress, you have your plugins, and you have your themes. Let’s go to posts. When you create posts you will have them here. You can create blog posts, video posts, everything you would like. So this is the ‘media library’. This is the place where all of your photos, videos and images and everything you have uploaded through your website will be added to here. So you can use them when editing your posts or your pages. You can sort them by type, or you can sort them by date, or you can easily search here for the right file you’re looking for. So these are the pages. Here you can build your front page, your home page, your contact page, all the pages you would love to create. There is somethere here so that’s pretty awesome. Let’s go to the next one its comments. And in the comment section you will find all the comments that have been added to your pages or posts in your WordPress website. Here you can change them, add the,m delete them, mark them as spam or whatever. So let’s go to the settings of WordPress. First you have the ‘Appearance’. At the ‘Appearance’ tabp you can choose your themes for example. Remember I told you about themes, well this is the standard 2020 theme of WordPress, which is shipped-in with WordPress installation. But I would really recommend the best theme in the world, which is a Divi. If you want to know more about Divi you can follow the link in the description or check out my other videos “How to create a Divi website in just 10 minutes“. So from the themes, this is the customizer where you can customize your website. This is the place where you can add widgets or something new functionalities to your footer, or sidebar, or whatever your theme creates here. This is the place where you have your menu. You can build your menu here, it’s just a drag-and-drop, you can just… this is your homepage, portfolio, about, contact… you can just add them here like this, and you can place them in your menu. It’s really simple, really easy. You save this menu and your menu will be placed on the front end of your website. Here’s the background where you can change the background of the 2020 theme which is active right now. The “theme editor”. So WordPress is giving you here a ‘Heads-up’ because you have to know when you edit these files in the code, then you can break stuff. So don’t do this. You have to press ‘go back’ and if you want to make changes to your theme, then you should create a WordPress child theme. I’ve made a simple and short video about that, how to add a wordpress child theme to your website, in just 60 seconds, it is that easy. So these are the plugins that are already installed on your WordPress website and here is the place where you can add new ones. You can search for plugins like this, or if you already have a plug-in, or you have bought one, you can add it here. So you can add it here, and install it now. Of course you also have for the theme editor, that comes a plug-in editor. And WordPress is also warning you, do not change these files. Because when you change this, things will break. So we go to users, and the users is the place where you can add all users that have access to the backend of your website. This is the place where you can add other users. And this is a very awesome because you can give them certain roles. So the administrator is the guy who can do everything. But if you want someone only to add content like this, you can add a new person and give him only the role of editor, or author, contributor, or subscriber. You can do anything with this one. So this is a awesome feature of WordPress. Then we have the tools. The tool section is really awesome, because here you can export everything you want to another website for example. So we have the import, export and of course we have to site health. This has been entered in the newest version of WordPress and this is the place where you can check what you should do, to get your WordPress website in great health. Now they have recommended improvements. Remove plugins and inactive themes. This is a very good thing to do, because it is a security vulnerability. So you should remove this and, of course you can also see what kind of version you have, what your performance is of your web server, and all the security settings. So this is really awesome. Here you can export personal data. When you have a lot of subscribers for instance, or for example a lot of comments and people register to your website, when they email you, you have to remove them. And this is the place where you can do that. So when you go to the ‘General settings’ of your website, you will see all these things that you can change. Like your title, your tagline, your WordPress adress, your website address, and everything there is from your site language, to your time zones, date formats, and time formats and when you want to start the week. So you can change anything you want in these settings. Let’s go to the ‘Writing’ settings. Here you can see the default post category, and post format. And if you would like to mail something to your WordPress website that it will be instantly published, you can use this little service. Let’s go to ‘Reading’. Here you can change what your homepage displays: your latest posts, or a static page. I have a static page right now for the home page. And you can change your blog page shows, your syndicate feeds, and all these things. Let’s go to the next one, ‘Discussion’. This is the place where you can change the settings of all of the members. What can they do? Can they post a comments on your posts? Or can’t they do that. And this is if you want to receive emails. This is just all everything about the discussion settings. There’s the media settings, what to do when you upload images to your website, they will be automatically changed also to the thumbnails. Medium size, and large size. This is the place where you can change your permalinks. If you don’t change it, your website will be like this. WordPressDoc.com/?p=123 and all the ID’s and numbers of your pages. I always say, change this to ‘Post name’, because this is the best setting for your website and for SEO. Of course you have the privacy, and here is your privacy policy page. You should create this page -Note to self- so that people know your privacy policy.


Now you know what WordPress is, and how it works on a beginners level. Of course we can dive into the sea of WordPress, swim with the sharks, swim with the Dolphins, and have a lot of fun. I am doing that on my YouTube channel. But for now, you know how it works. You can also translate your WordPress website into different languages, you can do many, many, many things. The sky is the limit. So as I mentioned before: in the description there’s a link what you can press so you can learn how to build your own WordPress website in just 10 minutes in just four simple and easy steps. Yes it is that simple to get started. So if you want to know more, and if I helped you out with this video, press that like button, and also you can hit that subscribe button to know more, and get a notification when I upload a new video. All right, I wish you a very awesome day, and if you hang tight, I will give you another life-changing quote, because life is more than just building WordPress websites.


Because life is more than building WordPress websites, here is the quote of today. And the quote is from Albert Einstein. This is what he said: “Everything that is truly great and inspiring, is created by the individual that could labor in freedom.” Give yourself the time and freedom, to be creative. Discover what your best creative time is. Not your productivity time, but your creativity time. Know when it is, and go labor in that, in your freedom. Because that is where dreams and big ideas are born. Have a awesome day, good luck!