Stop Gravity Forms Spam – 4 FREE Methods That Work

Mar 16, 2021 | Divi

In this tutorial we will stop all spam from coming through on our Gravity Forms. The 4 methods are super easy and free.

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Stop Gravity Forms Spam – 4 FREE Methods That Work


Oh wow, I have never seen so much spam in one form!. Hey guys, it’s the WPress Doctor here, and in this video I’m going to show you four ways how you can stop the spambots from filling out your Gravity Forms. They work perfectly, so let’s start with number one.

Alright so the first thing we’re going to do is very easy. Just go to your forms and go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Form settings’ click on that one. And if you now scroll down all the way to the bottom of your form, you will see that there is a ‘Anti-spam honeypot’ option. Now what does this do? Just enable it and it works really simple. It’s a invisible field and when it has been filled out, Gravity Forms knows that it’s from a bot. Because people won’t see it. All right just enable it and press ‘Save Settings’. This will absolutely save you some spam.

The second one is also a very easy one but you have to apply it. So we’re going to ‘Edit’. And we’re going to the ‘Advanced fields’, and we are going to add -of course- a CAPTCHA. Just add it in right there, drag and drop it. Then you just press ‘Sign up’ right there. Now you will go to the Google reCAPTCHA website. Just to give the reCAPTCHA a label is the name of your website, like Choose version two because version three is not entirely supported by Gravity Forms right now. But it may be in the future. We’re going to choose ‘I’m not a robot’ checkbox. Add your domain name right here, Accept the terms of service and press ‘Submit’. Now you will get your site key and your secret key. And we’re gonna copy it, right there. We go back to WordPress. You click on the ‘Settings’ page. You go to reCAPTCHA and here you enter your Site Key. You go back to Google. You copy your secret key. And we paste the secret key also in, and we press the ‘Save Settings’ button. Then you have to complete the reCAPTCHA, press this button and press ‘Save settings’ again. Et Voilà, c’est très bien! It has been entered into your Gravity Forms. Now go back to your Gravity Forms. And we press ‘Update’ on the form. And as you can see right now, the CAPTCHA form has been added. That is awesome. I just like to hide the field label because I don’t like saying CAPTCHA on my forms. So I go to ‘Appearance’, and I go to ‘Field label’ and I press ‘Hidden; . If you want to change the language of your reCAPTCHA ‘I’m not a robot’ text, just go to ‘Advanced’, go to ‘Language’, and just select the language that you would like on your form. It’s that easy.

Let’s add another layer of spam protection or right now. Just go to your plugins, press ‘Add New’, and then we’re going to add the ‘Akismet spam protection’. Press install now and press activate. We’re going to eliminate spam from our website and Gravity Forms works perfectly with Akismet of course. We’re going to press ‘Set up your Akismet account’. So now you can choose your pricing plan. Now, if you have a Enterprise or a Plus or if you have a webshop, you’re making money with your website. Then you could definitely choose one of these you can also press for ‘Get personal’. This plan is actually for absolutely non-commercial use only. So if you have a personal website, you can actually slide this all the way back to zero and then you can see that -you don’t have ads on your website, you don’t sell products or services, and you don’t promote business on your website. Well, if this is all the case, you can actually use this service for free so that’s awesome, if it’s not the case. Please give them some money. I have never seen that they actually check your website to see if you meet these qualifications, but we want to be sure and we want to be honest, because honesty lasts forever. All right add your email address. Add your name, and then you press ‘Continue with personal subscription’. And just paste in the code that you receive in your mailbox. Press ‘Continue’. And if you then look again in your mailbox, you will see that you have received a API key, so we’re gonna copy this one. And you go back to your WordPress website and then you press ‘Manually enter a API key’. Then you paste it in that you received from your email, and you press ‘Connect’. So we are not completely done yet. We have to enable Akismet in our forms. So we go to ‘Forms’, we go to ‘Settings’. And you just scroll down to the bottom of your page and here you see Askimet. Akismet? Askemet? Akismet. And we’re just gonna enable the protection from our spam and we press ‘Save Settings’. Now you go to the etnries of your forum and you will see that there is a spam option right there. Now you can actually select one and press ‘Spam’ so Akismett will actually learn from what is spam and what is not. But in the basic, their system is pretty awesome and pretty good. So that’s the way you enable Akismet on your website.

Let me show you another way of spam protection -which is- I don’t like to use it, but it can work even if those measures didn’t work, this one definitely will. Go to your contact form and press ‘Edit’. We’re going to add a single line of text right there. And the question is: “Who is your favorite WordPress teacher?”. And we gonna make this required. Now update this one. Now you go to the settings of your form up there. We go to ‘Form Settings’. And now you can go to your form button, and we’re going to add a conditional logic. We’re going to show this button -if all of the following matches: ‘What is your favorite teacher?’ = WPress Doctor. Of course! But if you do this, you might be prepared that a lot of people will write this the wrong way. And now you will see when all the forms are filled out, and I’m going to add my favorite WordPress teacher. And then the button becomes active and I can actually send it in. This is a very radical method, I would not advise you to use this, but if you have a lot of spam and its driving you crazy, even if you have reCAPTCHA, the honeypot and the Akismet measures, then this would also be a great option to do so. All right, awesome right?

All right, thank you for watching this video if you liked it, hit that like button. If you want to see more about WordPress, subscribe to my channel and I’ll be glad to teach you some more important things that are really awesome. Alright, I wish you a very awesome day.