Speed Up Divi Website + LIVE Test Results With Every Change!

Mar 31, 2020 | Divi

Speed Up Divi Website + LIVE Test Results With Every Change! | Learn with the WPress Doctor ?‍?

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Speeding up your Divi website without breaking it is very important. Your Divi website needs speed for conversion, SEO and your own personal frustration!

I want you to succeed with your website, so lets get started.

0:00 Speed Up Divi Website – Intro
1:24 The GIGANTIC website we will be using
4:24 Test tools we are using:
4:29 Google PageSpeed Insights
4:30 GTMetrix
4:32 Pingdom Website Speed Test
5:06 Get #1 speed plugin ➜ https://wpressdoctor.com/nr1cachingpl…
5:17 Comparion with other plugins
5:50 Upload plugin to WordPress
6:07 Setting up plugin with live Speed tests with every change
8:59 Final results
9:33 What to do if some pages get broken?
10:07 A word from the Doctor – Outrro
10:52 Self-development quote #6

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Speed Up Divi Website+ LIVE Test Results With Every Change!


So your Divi website is awful slow? And you’ve tried all those free caching plugins? You got drowned in all the options and possibilities and it even broke your website? Oh man – I have been there, and I have done exactly that. But I have some great news for you, because I have researched it and I have found the solution for our problem to fix our Divi website, it’s gonna be fast like lightning! And it’s gonna help you out, without breaking your designs and breaking your website. Because that’s
very very very important.Now speed is also important for your SEO, it’s important for your conversion rate, because people will really drop your website if it’s not fast enough, and it’s also very important for your own personal frustration! Because it’s so irritating when your Divi website is so slow.

Hi, I am the WordPress doctor. I’ve been building websites in WordPress since 2004. I have my own national hosting company and my web development agency, so I do know how to fix this problem, because I fix it for myself and all my clients websites. I even have a infinite license for the speed up plug-in because it is so awesome, it works so great with Divi. So let’s dive into this speed up process and we’re going to fix your problem in this video.

Divi speed up example website

So for this tutorial I thought it would be fun if we would use one of my own websites, to show the effects of caching
plugins, when deployed properly. So we are using AmusementParksUSA.com, it’s my own website I have a couple of years, and
this is one gigantic website, and I will show you why it is big. It has some awesome features. You can press ‘compare rides’ and here you can compare more than 5,000 rides in 150 amusement parks. Now how does this work? You just select your state you’re in. Let’s say we’re in California. So then this screen pops up, and here you can choose your height. I want to see all the roller coasters in California. Just press the selection button and it will do a database search. And here you go. The biggest park with the most rollercoasters is Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. You can also choose your height, so you can see if your children can go also in those roller coasters. And if I have children between the heights of 41″ and 46″, Six Flags Magic Mountain will be the best choice, because they have five roller coasters which we can go to. So this is a one big website. It also has a page of all amusement parks of the entire United States. You just pick one state. And here you will see all the amusement parks in that certain state. And if you hover over those logos, you will see the specific rides that park will have. You can also go to the tickets calculator. And here you can calculate your tickets for your state. So these are the prices of California Amusement Parks in 2019. It has not been updated to 2020, because all the parks are closed. But when the parks are open we will change all the prices. So this is the idea, you just fill in with how many adults you go, and you’ll see instantly these prices will change as you fill out this thing. You fill in the kids, you fill in the small children, (there most of the
time they’re free) and if you want to park a car yes or no. You can see the prices will change. And this way you can see approximately how much money your day at the amusement park will cost.

So let me take you to the backside of the website and I’ll show you how big this website really is. So this website has more than 5,000 posts. We have 194 categories. We have a media library that contains more than 6,000 images. We have 149 pages. And we have 25 active plugins. Now normally I don’t have these lot of plugins, but this time is different, because it’s such a gigantic website.

The speed tests

Okay let’s run a couple of tests with three systems to check our page speed of AmusementParksUSA.com. You can put in your own
websites, so let’s go to Page Speed Insights from Google, GTMetrix and of course the Pingdom Tools website speed test. So fil in your own website and click on analyze. And here we go. We do the same with GTMetrix and we do the same with the Pingdom Tools. On desktop we only have 70 points that is, really bad. Really bad. GTMetrix we have a B and a C, that’s not very good. And the Pingdom Speed test we only score a 69 with a D. So there is a lot of improvements possible for this WordPress website of mine.

So the first thing you need to do is you need to go into the description of this video, click on the affiliate link to go to the best speed up plug-in in the world. Especially for Divi, I have tried them all and this one is the best. So when you click on this link you would go to the website of WP Rocket. and they have features man it’s amazing. GZip compression, page caching,quick setup, browser caching, they have it all. The list is unending. And as you can see compared with all the other plugins,
the features of WP Rocket is way better. So let’s go to the pricing, here you can choose your license. A single, plus, or
infinite license. It’s all good, just use what you need. Fill in your details, pay with your credit card or with Paypal and download the plug-in. Go to your WordPress dashboard, and go to ‘plugins’, ‘add new plugin’. We press ‘upload plugin’ and we choose the file we have just downloaded. And you press the button ‘install now’. When it’s all said and done we press ‘activate plugin’. We go back to the plugins page and you see: ‘WP Rocket is good to go! Test your loading time or visit your settings’. Let’s go to ‘settings’.

Speed up using WP Rocket

Ok so now we are at a dashboard of WP Rocket and it says to us: ‘Congratulations! It’s now activated and already working
for you. Your website should be loading faster now’. What we’re gonna do during this tutorial, I’m gonna press one button
and you will see on the right side – right here – you can see the changes that will happen to the three tests that we did in the beginning. So you can see per option what the effects are on the page speed. So let’s check if our speed has been changed just by activating this plugin. So what you see now in screen is the baseline test we did. Let’s see what happened when we activated the plugin. Oh you will see a nice little change, all the numbers went up. That’s awesome.

Okay let’s go step by step through all the options of WP Rocket. First you go to ‘cache’ and let’s click on ‘enable caching
for mobile device’. ‘Separate cache files’ of course. ‘Enable caching for logged-in users’. ‘Save Changes’. Then we go to ‘file optimization’, ‘Minify HTML’. ‘Combine Google font files’ ‘Remove query strings’ ‘minify CSS’ -> ‘activate’. ‘Combined CSS’ -> ‘activate’. ‘Optimize CSS delivery’. ‘Remove jquery migrate’ ‘Minify javascript files’ -> ‘activate’. ‘Combine’ -> ‘activate’. ‘Load diferred’, ‘safe mode’. Then we go to ‘media’. ‘LazyLoad for images’ ‘iFrames videos’ ‘Replace YouTube iframes’. ‘Disable emoji’. ‘Disable WordPress’. If you have WebP files, press this one. But we are not using it so i’m leaving this off. ‘Preload’ of course, ‘Acticate preloading’, ‘Sitemap based pre-loading’ I use the Yoast SEO XML sitemap so here we go.

Okay then we go to advacned rules. You can leave this empty for now. You can just leave the database settings and CDN settings all the same, unless you have a CDN, you can fill it out. Then you go to ‘Heartbeat’ and we press this button ‘control our heartbeat’. After that we go to ‘Add-ons’ and if you have Google tracking enable this little button. If you have your Facebook pixel enable this one. I have a server which use Varnish so I press ‘on’. I also have CloudFlare so I press ‘on’.
And here we have our final results. On the Left our baseline starting point, and on the right side our final test results. Isn’t this awesome? I would say WP Rocket is worth every buck. And as you can see of the pages of my website nothing is broken, everything works perfectly. Now if something does break, I want to help you out with this little tip.

So suppose you have a error on this website and it has to do with one of our WP Rocket optimization. Well then we just go into this section of your page. You just deselect one of these boxes, you just save the page and check if your page is working fine. And if it’s not, you activate this one, you deactivate this one. You update, and you check your page. If it’s not, then you activate this one, deactivate… and I think you get the point. Following these steps you can debug every single page. Because some pages has more options than other pages, and some page tend to break down when your plugins are not working the way it

You have just speed up your website! I am proud of you. Your Divi website will never be the same again, and your results
will go skyrocketing, because of the speed up process you have just fixed. I’m proud of you, well done! Well if I helped
you out with this tutorial, please let me know by liking this video. And if you want to know more about speeding up process, SEO, building your WordPress website, getting everything out of your Divi website, please hit that subscribe button, so you will be notified when I upload a new video about some cool features that you didn’t tought about already. So you can do that. And I
wish you a very awesome day!

Because life is more than speeding up your Divi website, here comes the quote of this video. This quote is by Thomas Jefferson
and it goes like this: “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done”. When opportunities come your way, investigate them. Just never say ‘no’ the same moment. Investigate, read yourself into it, ask friends, and go for it. Have a awesome day. Good luck!