Machine Translating WordPress 100% ACCURATE?! | ConveyThis Tutorial 2021

Apr 23, 2021 | Divi

In this plugn review I got the change to test the Machine Translating plugin called ConveyThis. I’m enthusiastic, but there are also a few cons about this.

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0:00 Intro
1:10 About the company
1:55 Setting up a FREE account
3:19 Installing the plugin
7:55 Testing the plugin on a live website
11:47 Adding the flag to the menu
12:32 Testing the ConveyThis dashboard
14:50 Testing the Pro Version


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Machine Translating WordPress 100% ACCURATE?! | ConveyThis Tutorial 2021


I have never seen a automated plugin, translating a website working this awesome! This is insane! It really translate 100% accurate, this is crazy! Hey guys what’s up? It’s the WPress Doctor here and in this video we are going to review a plugin called ConveyThis. They actually contacted me to ask me if I could review there plugin, and I also get a Pro Plan for a year so I can see how this works, and if this really benefits you and me as a small business owner, and for my clients. So I’m always really interested in new plugins, new themes and I like to review them. So we all know what works eventually down the line. And we’re gonna compare the prices with WPML, and we’re gonna look at the quality of the automatic translation. Because this is a plugin, you don’t need to translate anything yourself, it is all done for you. So, let’s take a look under the hood, and let’s go and install this plugin on our website have a client of mine, and you could even go to this website right now to see for yourself how it works, because it will be online for at least one year. Alright, let’s go. So if you read through the story of ConveyThis, it is pretty amazing. They have no funding whatsoever, they just started out and created this business from scratch. It’s really amazing. And I think it’s really awesome, and that is the true spirit of entrepreneurs. If you got a dream, you got to go for it, you got to do it, and don’t let them stop you just go and create something like this, it’s pretty awesome. So their mission is all about breaking the translation barrier for you and me. So even we small entrepreneurs can also use this system to create a multilingual website for not high cost. Well, we’re gonna see about that costs later on. So the first thing we need to do to sign up, we need to go to This is not an affiliate link its a referral link so if you follow this link, I can get more machine words, I even get a pen, I also can get a t shirt, and at the max I can get a flight to their headquarters. Well, if I’m going to there going to make a awesome video about the flight, and the whole trip. Alright, let’s get going. Then you fill in your name. WPress Doctor, and you fill in your email address, and you create a password. I agree, and I press ‘Register now’. All right, now we have to check our email. And after you’ve got the email you press ‘Activate your account’. Then we will be redirected to our account in just five seconds. And now we’re going to create our domain name. So, first thing we need is we got to add our domain name. In our case it will be and your websites technology, in our case, it’s WordPress and we press next step. Alright so the thing you need to grab right there is the API key, just press this copy button, go back to your WordPress website. And now on your WordPress website we go to plugins add new and we’re going to add the ConveyThis plugin. Alright, just press ‘Install now’ and press activate. Now we go on the left side to ConveyThis, and we’re going to add our API key, right there. Pretty awesome, and we press Save Changes. Alright so now we have added our API key, and now we can select our source language so choose the languages that is currently on your website. We have Dutch on this website. And I want to translate it to English. Remember on the free plan you can only choose one target language. Press ‘Show more options’. Here you can find all translation our account. And let’s see what the rest of the options is on ConveyThis. Redirect visitors to translate pages automatically based on the browser settings. Well you can choose yes or no. If your current language is English, then I would not suggest you do that because sometimes the browser is set to English for the person speaks Dutch or German or another language. So, yes, you can enable this, but it doesn’t work that good, it’s up to you. Let’s choose ‘yes’. Then let’s see what happens right now. Hide the logo. Well, if you are a paid customer you can hide the ConveyThis logo, but it’s not available right now, you can translate media files if SEO internationally is a big thing for you, you should use. Yes, and change all the media files for international on this example, we’re not going to do this, maybe later on. Choose to translate PDF files, which is very handy, and I have never seen this before in a translation plugin. So if you have PDF files you’re using a lot of them on your website, definitely choose Yes, allowed to change text direction from left to right, and this is useful with Arabian websites or Japanese or Chinese or anything else hreflang tags, yes you need them all pages. This is very useful for your SEO or else, Google will not recognize your pages in different languages, and will not rank you International, and then is what we want. Or do you just show the select box on or you can go down you can also use a picture for your flag is going to be a rectangle, eight square, a circle or no flag at all. I really like the rectangle flag but it’s a style if your website is more rounded then you should use the circle flag, display the name of the text is short text or no text at all, you can choose if you want to show the text in the translator module. Most of the time, you really don’t need a text you only need to deflect. However, it really depends on the design and where you are placing this module. If you’re using it for example inside of your menu worse. I would definitely go without text, because then you only need a icon. If you’re going to use it somewhere else in the low side, left, right or anything, then use it with full text. Let’s go with full text right now we’re going to play with this later on. The position can be fixed or custom placed somewhere inside a element. Let’s choose fixed right now. So, do we want the translator on the top or on the bottom. Well, the bottom is choose Standard because I think you have on your menu so that will not work. Very good. Let’s use the buzzer, and let’s go deeper right site, you can actually add some spacing onto your module which is very useful. If it doesn’t look that well within your design. the URL structure is excellent like this you can also change into sub domains. Also, but that’s only the pro plans, but I would go with this is just great. And it is less but you can actually change custom flags with different languages say the flag isn’t matched up right you can change it right here. And of course, all the way down there. We have also what pages you can choose what pages, not to translate on your website. Pretty awesome. Let’s press Save Changes. Right now, and let’s see what happens. Alright so confidence says, now our translation should be working so let’s go to my customers website to see what will happen, so don’t forget to clean your cache. If you’re using a caching plugin because, or else, nothing will work. And then when we load our website from our customer, we will see on the bottom right corner, there is a module right there so let’s let’s, let’s see what happens we are going through English here so let’s go to English, so you can actually understand what this says, all right. Everything’s being translated on the fly pretty awesome COVID-19 But you can actually translate that what read this good portfolio, this was a good about US News and context. Pretty good, Pretty good. Actually, I’m really impressed by the translation quality of this plugin is amazing, you check this website, you can use our pedals, endlessly change as often as much as you want. Everything’s possible in the Federation in the science endless because users of our palace are invited to share designs and ideas online for so far so good. I am really impressed by the quality of this translation, and all looks good, you know, all the buttons have been translated or the footer has been translated the menu has been transferred translator. This is pretty awesome. Let’s go in. Let’s dive into another page and see what happens. So let’s see how this plugin works together with WooCommerce because on this website. I created this website so people can ask for a quote but it’s based on WooCommerce so this is pretty awesome. So let’s see, I want to have a awesome table. They build everything out of this routine is really awesome. And we’re going to translate it pretty awesome let’s go with a outside standing table, all these names are based on citizen stuff, and they’re actually there, they’re not wrestling so this is really great. I want this standing table and see what happens show all results is actually placed on quotation, it really works. I must say, I am impressed. I am very impressed. Alright so now it has to be placed in our quotation let’s see if this works that we have here our quotation. This is like paying attention to quotations are the clues Gus for transport and cars for constructions, pretty good disclaimer, translated. Perfect. Continue to request a quote, how are they doing, is it actually is pretty awesome. This is my checkout page, your data, extra information your data, it could be improved. Your data could be improved First Name, Surname, company name, when do you need to products date selector, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, July, August, September, October, November, December. This is actually really accurate. Monday. Here we go. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. This has not been translated. Haha, that’s the only thing that I could find. This has nothing to translate and it’s not strange, because this is actually the donor just letter so I understand it could not be translated. However, I still want to have it translated. So how are we going to do that, CIP gold city comments location product subtotal plays quotation. This is really, I’m really excited about it. So what are we going to try right now. We have seen that the translation of the pages actually works really good. This is a theme I noticed guys. Also these translations are really accurate. I have never seen it out you made a plugin, translating your website working this awesome. This is insane. It really translate 100% accurate this is crazy. So what I’m curious about is, I want to flex inside by a menu of Divi. Let’s see if the theme builder can also work with this plugin, so we go to appearance, we go to menus, and then we go to add a comfy. This has been added to our menu so we press this one, this is the main menu. Yes, and I want to put in English. Let’s see what happens come fate is English Gosling, right, let’s just save this menu. We’re going to clear the cache. We’re going to see what happens right now. It actually works and it works pretty good because what I presses right now, here we go to the English website and it’s translated. Amazingly, so this works awesome and now also the flag changes to the Dutch version. So now you can change it back to the Dutch version. Alright so the website works Africa has been translated we can add it into our menu we can use it on the lower side, it’s awesome. So let’s go to the dashboard of coffee, this so you login, and this is what you get. We have the current plan a free seven day trial. That’s pretty awesome. If you click on domains you can actually see the domains you are working on right now and you have gone fade is activated on your website, you can easily turn the switch off and then the entire website will be shut down no translations will be shown on this website, why is this useful. If you have different clients, then this is a useful option if they stopped being for instance or anything else. Normally if you click on my translations, you would see some of these website translation and we can change this, I’m going to show you later on in the pro version. If you go to settings, this is just your API key, and some scripts for if you don’t want to use the plug in our example, and here of course, different plans, and you have to refer us and if you go to the Help Center you will go to this website, and here you can find all the answers you want. So back at WordPress I got a Pro Plan to show you guys how to live life. So when you go to the backend of WordPress. This is how your website looks like when you press Options, you will now see that all the options that were previously available are now available any pro version, for example, hide the company’s logo, yes please, I would like them. And one other thing you can do right now is using sub domains for you you will structure to have to change your DNS record for this to add a C Name record in your DNS settings, it is easy if you know how I’m going to show you some other time. So we’re going to use just the sub directory, because the pro version I now also can add many more languages to deconflict this but I do like just one language show that’s okay. And as you see right now, I don’t have a logo from config this up here so I can change to the US language without any problems. That’s really great. So let’s really quickly dive into all these pages. So when I now go to my confidence dashboard you will see a different kind of approach. As you can see now we have a use of words is counting up now, we have 5683 words on the website of palace temps, now, now you know how big of a website you would need and what plan you want. You want to take. If you have a lot of words, if you have a lot of pages. And the website is still online also translation so you can just go there and check it out. The page views, I only have 200,000, a month. I think it should be enough but I’ll be monitoring this the future how this will go in the next year or so to see how it works, and I want to have some feedback from our customers. Also, if you now go to domains right there you will see that you can go to my translations. And this is a pretty awesome feature because here now you can change your translations per page so if I’m not happy with a certain translation of my website I can go in here and I can actually go to my website let’s see, let’s go to the front page and we can click on Text Editor. Now you can see exactly how I wanted to see it originally on the left side and a translation on the right side, this is great. So for the next. For example, to translate the next one. So let’s make this back to next. Alright, and it’s updated right there. It’s so easy, I just changed one text, and it has been changed immediately. This is really great. I really love this system on the backend. And you can also let it be translated by some experts, and now it is being added to cart, and if I now go to my cart right there. You can see that this professional translation from Dutch to English will cost me around $1.80 for 98 works, it’s pretty amazing. So if you have doubts about translation, you can always do this and you pay for work so this is actually the same as with other translation plugin that I’ve seen in the market. It just works the same. So the other thing we can do also is go to the official editor, very curious how this will we go actually to website so you can see this thing finished everything is just a drag box which you can use, and I go, I can scroll down just by language to English right now. And now I can click on this pencil, and now I can just this is the original, it has the English, and now I can just change the text right here in the Visual Editor. This really works great. And there is a one thing I could really found that you’re really needs improvement, let me show you what happens when I go, No, to overalls, it is about us. This is the about us page. As you can see it is, it is the company to team and everything. If I now change this to be English language. What will happen to the URL structure, it will become, English, and still owns this one should be English, slash about us. That is what really should be happening right there. I asked them, they say it’s on their roadmap and I hope it really, really soon, because this is quite a big problem in SEO because your titles, and your URL structure is very, very important so configure this back to work and fix those URLs. So the only thing I’m looking for right now is the description of my SEO is our SEO description meta tag, and my title, which is put in by the plugin. And I think it is this one. Yes. So here we have found a title which is pub pellets interesting from your FeCO from both mobile and the translated is pub appellants. Here we go, furnishing rental and sale of both foreign furniture, which is exactly what it is, so the translation is pretty well done. So let’s see what happens when I change this title to this is the company this test, And I press this button, it says translations updated, let’s see a website it’s a title text is really changed. So let’s change it to English, and watch the title right there. Papa fellas furnishing rental and sale of furniture. Hmm, that didn’t change. Let’s see if I got it right. Oh, here’s another one. Here is the same title again but now it is right there so let’s change this one, I’m gonna feed this title check translation is updated. Let’s see what else I know when I refresh the page. Yeah, no that typos, we changed to see discount for this title check. Alright, awesome so we can also change the titles within convenience, I was really happy with this because I was a bit concerned that you couldn’t change the titles and the SEO mega descriptions but as you can see, it is possible, so let’s change this back to machine, and then we just going to save this. So when you’re at your page and you want to approve a translation you have to click this, like button. And now it’s changed to custom, and now that checkmark is gone. I think there’s a bit of improvement right there because this isn’t very logical. What I would like to see is that this check mark button would be on erreichen, like, like a question mark or an A proof button or anything, and when you press that button. The custom will go to clean, and we get a green border and that check mark is also green, that would be way logical so comfy this this is something else you could change Oh, two things they can choose URL structure and the approved translation button. So just one more thing I want to check and I want to see if you could add another image to the website when you want a different language so we’re going to translate media we press yes, and we’ve got to save this page right there. So now I go to my domains, I go to Palestine coach my translations, and then I go to the official editor on the front page. See what happens. And as they see in their documentation, you can easily change images on the front end. So let’s change the language to USA to English. And when everything is loaded, you can just press this button on your image. And no, it will not work. It says translation of found make sure the plugin is installed correctly. Alright, so I think this needs a little bit of polishing or maybe I am doing something wrong. I’m just gonna ask support about what is happening, what is happening. Maybe it’s because of defeat. I don’t know because I really like to change this image right now for the English visitors but it really doesn’t work. So I’m going to ask them why it’s not working. Meanwhile, we’re going on with the next topic, let me leave it at the cost of the aka above the bunk, useful, AKA a coupon bond complete with another cool thing to show you is the glossary glossary glossary. This is really awesome because now you get, add a word that the machines will never translate on your website. So if I have for example my brand name is like, I am like the root shopper. And I want to keep the brand name the same for Duchene it’s like how about the Lyrica, then I would put in right there and it will not translate or translate. So, for example, don’t translate. How to English, for example, save this rule, and now this will be translated, and I can also do translators so how I can translate it is good worker with a, with a trademark sign, for example, you can just add this and now it will translate these words exactly the same. This is great. I like this feature, I of course we have the Exclude Pages and here we can just enter URLs to entirely real estate will never be translated by company this. Another thing you can per domain, add some team members, for example, just press on team and now you can email translators, so they can access to your account. This account and they can also translate your website that is really great if you have multiple people on your team and you want to work together. This is the way to do it. They also have one feature this is pretty awesome if you go to their and you go to limits. Now it’s getting very interesting because here you can actually create a limit for the worse, already fuse. Let’s say I limit the fuse to 1000 views, then what happens after it hits the limit. I’ve been thought that there will be no more translation available and they don’t even seem to button to translate the website, and I hear you thinking, but Google is excluded from the fuse. And so the BAS are enough coping with the fused limit. This is pretty great if you have multiple websites, and you want to stretch your plan across the board. So if you go to settings, this is just everything we’ve already seen nothing new right there if you go to plans, you can here see what it will cost you for pricing, we’ll be talking about that in a few moments. If you go to worse, you can buy extra words. This is really great because now you have a one time payment only. So, if I have, for example, these many words, 200,000, and I want to have another 50,000 words, I can buy these for 162 euros, and how many dollars is that 162 That is $130, roughly. So far more than $30 You get 50,000 words, extra, if you need them. Alright so let’s think. Let’s talk about pricing. Because, let’s go to dollars and we go for a yearly. Alright, we have now the Pro Plan with 200,000 words, as you have seen the pop up post on our website has 6000 words you can go online, go to public post detrimental and you can see how many words there are and how it feels encumbrance which websites, you can see how many words there are approximately. Alright, let’s talk about money, because if you choose convey this you have to choose wisely. Because if you want, only three languages, for example, Dutch, American and Spain, then the business is great. We have 50,000 words. Well that’s more. That’s more than enough for our website because we only have 6000 So, let me do the math, real quick for you guys. Our starting point is this website which has 6000 words, if I have 50,000 words available, I divide them by 6000, and now I can have 8.3 website within this plan. Alright let’s go to the monthly page views. This really depends on how popular your website is, as people Palace is in the infant business. Business is a bit slow right now because of, well, what’s happening right now, the monthly pageviews, this is way more than enough because they only have 200 300 page views a month anomalies, when it was really good. They have a page view of 1000 2000, a month. So let’s take an average of, 2000, page views a month, I have 50,000, page views, divided by 2000. And now I can have 25 websites with 2000 benches alone. Alright, so that’s perfect that fits perfectly in my eight websites. So I think that’s pretty good. What Woody, what, what do we have with his business plan we have machine translation you can edit them, you, you can buy professional translation. The pageviews, the statistics are there the automatic line redirection is there premium support, they don’t offer multi site. Alright, so the number of different websites, we want to use confirm this, on, on the business plan is just one. Oh no, we have not team members no subdomains no domain, no limits to set on like page view and worse. Alright, and we have no important export. Alright, so the business plan is just one website. So it really doesn’t matter, our entire calculation right there just doesn’t work. But no worries. Let’s go to the Pro Plan and, again, the math on this one. If we have the Pro Plan. We pay $450 in here. Alright, we can have more than six languages, and we can have them on unlimited websites so how many website is that, well, let’s take an account of we have again 6000 words and 2000 page views a month, which is really not much. And let’s divide them 200,000 divided by 6000 words 33 websites. Alright, and if I have 2000 page views, divided by 2000, a month. I can have one on that website so if I use 33 websites within this plan, then is pretty rough, but it’s pretty awesome we can have true tree tree websites for $450, a year. How much is that, well, $450 divided, divided by 3033 websites, is 13.63. If you run the system on 33 websites, you only pay $13.63 per website, there is not much. however, then you would need 33 websites. And did you have three two websites, maybe if you are an agency, you have, however, in real life, or a person only have, I think, one, two or three websites, mostly. So if you want to use it on three websites, then the cost is obviously $150. Per website. And then you go. And then you have. And then you have actually the business side, so. So let’s compare this with some other services in the market, I have a tutorial created about w p&l, which is right there, and is pretty awesome, which shows you exactly how to translate your default website or your Elementor website, just like that, it’s pretty cool. It’s pretty straightforward. Let’s get their pricing and compare this to this one. So on WP now you have the prices for $80, a year, and then you have base builder support which is very important if you have a different website or a mentor website, or anything else. And of course if you have a agency you have $160 So we need the Page Builder support but how many websites do we have, well let’s see, we have three websites for the $79, and we have unlimited websites for the multilingual agency for $160 So WP ML is actually cheaper than comfy, this if you stretch it out in the long run. Why is gmefi is more expensive than WP ML is, of course, because of all the translations are already in it. So what you pay for would convey this, the extra pay is actually for translation itself. So you don’t have to translate it yourself, and my opinion from Dutch to English was a perfect translation, I’m very happy with it. If you want to translate to German to Spanish to polish to whatever I don’t know what language you want to translate to, I don’t know the quality of Dutch translations, but English translation is pretty good. So the real question about the pressing is, are you willing to pay for the machine translation, because that is the biggest difference with WP ml. Hey guys I hope you liked this video you find it informative, you can still check out Papa to see how the translation works and how good the quality is. And if you spot any differences, let me know in the comments below, hit that like button if you found this video useful. If you have any questions let me know in the comments, I’ll be glad to answer them. All right guys, I see you in the next video. Have a awesome day is King Metal Hall Jacobi King box. This portable MV King complaint feeder is King fries and facedown, for my new bedroom. Okay.