How to Create a Website 2021 with no plugins | Divi Theme tutorial

Aug 31, 2021 | Divi, Make a website

You can now create a professional website yourself! Follow the steps and we create a pro website with 0(!) plugins so you can learn!
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I want you to succeed with your website, so lets get started.

Images, color codes and snippets:πŸ“œ…

0:00 What are we going to create?
3:18 Get hosting –
8:18 The hosting dashboard
10:08 The CPanel
10:39 Create your e-mail adres
11:22 Installing WordPress
16:07 Setup Hosting
17:40 Login to WordPress
18:30 Getting World’s best theme –
23:39 Installing the theme

24:35 Create a coming soon page
39:17 Create a e-mail marketing list
40:45 How to use webmail
44:31 Remove the header and footer
48:36 Create a child theme
52:56 Updating the theme
56:11 Creating the homepage
1:02:38 Using Global colors
1:09:58 Creating hover images
1:13:28 Setting the font website-wide
1:26:27 Using the Z-index
1:31:12 Creating Scroll Effects
1:32:26 The Builder Toolbar
1:33:22 Wireframe View
1:44:38 Using Module Presets
1:45:54 Adding a map
1:48:38 Responsive editing

1:52:20 Changing dashboard layout
1:52:46 Creating the header
2:04:42 Changing the frontpage
2:05:36 Creating the footer
2:17:44 Using Dynamic Content

2:22:07 Creating the Contact page
2:34:55 Add a menu
2:36:27 Clone a page
2:37:14 Creating the Buy page
2:43:30 Creating the Repair page
2:44:56 Make a link of columns
2:46:40 Creating the blog page
2:51:32 Creating blog layouts
2:54:32 Creating a sidebar
2:56:04 Make logo clickable
2:56:44 Changing all colors
2:58:20 Remove coming soon redirect 2:58:45 Changing your login logo
2:59:46 Adding a duplicate button

Thank you for watching, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.

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How to Create a Website 2021 with no plugins | Divi Theme tutorial


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