Divi 5.0 Sneak Peek & Test drive!

Mar 10, 2023 | Divi

I managed to get my hands on the Divi 5.0 Alpha Release! I’m taking it for a spin to see the difference with Divi 4. I am not disappointed, the future of Divi looks bright!

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0:00 Intro
0:18 History of Divi
0:53 Installing Divi 5
Backwards compatible
1:55 Testing the Visual Builder
2:27 Moving modules around
Switching to Phone View
3:37 Working in the Wireframe
4:58 Saving a page

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Divi 5.0 Sneak Peek & Test drive!


In this video we’ll be test driving Divi 5! Yes, I’ve managed to get my hands on the alpha release for developers only. And what we’re about to see is really great.

I built all my websites within Divi since 2014. That means Divi is one of the oldest Visual Builders around. Now the thing is: the foundation was built on shortcodes. The problem with that is it’s not that fast. Skip nine years later and what do we see? We see Elementor we see Croco blocks, we see blocksby – all these themes are getting ahead of Divi in terms of speed and stability. Divi 5 was already two years in the making, and Elegant Themes was rebuilding the entire foundation of Divi. Let’s install it and see how it looks. So for this test I’m going to use this website. I’ve recreated the entire Tesla website. You can find the tutorial over here. Now let’s add in Divi 5 to see how that goes. Go to my dashboard, appearance, themes add a new theme, upload it… Divi 5 Alpha! Install now, let’s go! Alright go to Themes page. We have now Divi 4 and Divi 5 Alpha. Let’s activate it right now. The first thing we need to check is to go to Divi, Theme Options. Let’s go to the Builder Advanced and make sure that the Divi 5 Builder. Is enabled. Alright save changes. First thing to check does my website still work? So the first thing I notice in my website is actually completely the same! We have the animations of the buttons, everything works!

It tells me that already Divi 5 is completely backwards compatible with all your websites before! This is really great news! Right let’s enable the Visual Builder and see what’s going on. It’s loaded in pretty fast. So what I noticed immediately it is so blazing fast. Just adding in modules over there like this, it just instantly is there. This is so big of a difference than what it was. But you can actually see on the animations for example. When you hover over it, it just takes some time to load it. But with Divi 5 its just, it’s there you know. You hover over it and it’s there. You click on it, it opens immediately. You know when working with Divi 4, when you start moving modules around it just… it feels a little bit clunky. When you release it it actually takes a couple of seconds. On Divi 5 however, look at this: I grab it it just feels so smooth, so fast. Drag it, drop it, it’s there. Drag it, drop it, it’s there. Drag it, drop it, it’s there. The speed is, its way more stabler than it was in Divi 4. One of the biggest problems I had with Divi is switching to mobile phones. As you can see when I switch to mobile phone from here, it just takes a lot of time. Desktop, mobile phone. Desktop, mobile phone. You get the picture. And with Divi 5 however. Desktop, mobile. Desktop, mobile. Desktop, mobile. This is just way better! It shows me that the foundation of Divi is so much improved! This is really great news for Divi and everybody who owns a Divi website. This is Divi 4, and I have a lot of rows inside of this page. It’s a big page as you already saw. But when I start moving things around, this is what happens. I go around, go around. And there’s just a little bit of… I don’t know. Look look at this, its just not, it’s not working exactly the way I want it. And when I drop it, it has a little bit of… it’s a little bit slower. Let’s go to Divi 5. When I drag it. Oh it’s I just, I just got it! You know, you pinch it, and you got it! Oh it’s so blazingly fast man. It’s just, just moving this around is just so much fun now. This Divi 4 and when I have my row it just, it just doesn’t feel, like it really wants to move you know. I have to, you see this? It is just slower. In Divi 5, this is just so extremely responsive. I really love this. In this release, no new features has been added to Divi. You have to wait for that to Divi 6. But the groundwork, the foundation to change everything, is already here. And that’s why you will see some things that go blazingly fast in comparison with Divi 4. Saving this page is… look at this. I click on it I press save, and it’s done. Did you know how long that took with Divi 4?

This is great I’m so happy man. The future is looking bright for Divi. Divi 5 is paving the road for Divi 6. Divi 6 will be really big with a lot of function updates. However with all changes come, I think they will change the pricing. So if you’re still on a yearly subscription, go to https://wp.discount/ and get the lifetime deal while it can with 10 % off. If you like this video, subscribe to the channel to check out more WordPress related videos, and of course check out this video. it has nothing to do with Divi 5. Nothing! …. I think…