Create Email Optin Subscribe Forms – Bloom Tutorial 2022

Nov 7, 2021 | Divi

Learn how to use Bloom from Elegant Themes! It’s a very useful email optin form maker useful with any theme. I will also teach you why you should NEVER use the ‘N’ word!
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0:00 Intro
0:10 Get Bloom Plugin
0:33 Install Bloom
1:06 Connect email provider
2:44 Create Pop Up optin form
19:44 Create a Fly-In optin form
20:58 Create a Below Post optin form
21:50 Create a Inline optin form
22:35 A/B testing with forms
24:26 Create Locked Content optin form
26:01 Use a Widget optin form
27:05 Outtro

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Create Email Optin Subscribe Forms – Bloom Tutorial 2022


The money is in the list. So let’s create our awesome list with this useful plugin from Elegant Themes.

Hey guys, its the WPress Doctor. If you just log into your account on Elegant – Here you can download of course the Divi theme, the builder plugin, the Extra theme and Monarch and of course Bloom! So you’re gonna press ‘download Bloom’. If you don’t have a login from Elegant Themes, you might not have a license. If you follow the link in the description of this video. I can get you on with 20% discount. That is a lot. So let’s get started! Login to your WordPress dashboard. And we are going to add Bloom to this website. It is my latest YouTube built for websites you can learn exactly how I created this.

So login to your WordPress dashboard first, and from your dashboard, you go to ‘plugins’ -> ‘Add new’. We are going to press ‘Upload Plugin’ and here you select the file we have just downloaded from Elegant Themes and press ‘Install now’. Now after that we press ‘Activate plugin’. And now Bloom has added a menu right here. Click on this one. Welcome to Bloom guys! This is actually a fairly empty screen Am I right? Yes it is. You can create a new opt in right here but before we go to create anything, we need to connect our email marketing software with Bloom. If you just go up here, there are a few options. Let’s all check them out real quick. The ‘Bloom settings’. These are the only settings: ‘Use Google Fonts’. That’s fine. If you go to this one. It’s about enabling updates. If you have your username and API key from Elegant Themes in there and it works and if you go up here you can see your statistics from Bloom. Well of course we have nothing yet because we’ve just installed it. And if you now go to ‘account’, here you could add your account. So we’re going to connect our email marketing software with Bloom. So press on ‘New Account’ and select your email provider you have. With this example I’m using MailChimp but you can use anything you have. If you have Get Response then just fill in your account name and the API key or Active Campaign or whatever just use what you have. We’re going to connect MailChimp. If you don’t know what this is, you can follow my tutorial about “How to create a website 2021” and there I show you exactly how to create a MailChimp email account. It’s completely free. So if you don’t have one, now is the time to start creating one. And I’m pasting in my API key right there and I press ‘Authorize’. There is a list in my MailChimp account its called WPress Doctor. This is great. Now we have connected our email provider with Bloom. Congratulations! The first step has been taken.

Let’s click on this icon and press ‘New update’. Now we are going to create different opt in forms for our newsletter. Within Bloom you have different types of opt in fields, it is great. We have the pop up, we have the fly-in, below posts, inline, locked content and widget. Well let’s just start with the pop up because it is the most used and I think the most irritating form of getting people to sign up so click on pop up. First, we’re going to give it a name. Our new pop up form, select your email provider we’ve just created MailChimp. The account is the WPress Doctor and the list is WPress Doctor. Now you can also see that you can connect different email providers to Bloom so it is very useful if you want another list or another account for different campaigns. It is really great. Press next ‘Design your opt in’. Within Bloom you can choose an amazing amount of templates for our opt in forms. It is really amazing. So just choose the one you like best we can style it later on with the colors and everything. So we’re going to choose one we like. I like this one because it has different colors and we have a ribbon up there it is great. So click on this one and then you scroll down and then you press ‘next customize’. Here we are going to design our opt in form. Of course our title. The ‘Subscribe to our newsletter’. Well, I have really a problem with the word newsletter. If your website is not a newspaper agency, then you don’t have a ‘news letter’. No you don’t. These are terms we use the 1998 in our online marketing. No, you don’t have a newsletter. If we’re talking about permission marketing, you have to give something that people want to receive from you, to get to know you. So what are we going to do with this opt in form? We are not going to ask people to “subscribe to our newsletter”. No we aren’t going to give them the possibility to get something for free. Now for every website that is different as this is a WPress bike Doc – Full service bike shop website, we need to give the people something that they might be interested in when visiting our website. So our title will be: “10 tips to keep your bike from getting stolen”. If you now click on the Preview button, you will see how your opt in form actually looks. “10 tips to keep you back from getting stolen”. That is great. We’re going to change this newsletter ribbon of course and we’re going to center this text in the middle because when you look at your preview, this looks really great. And then we have our Optin message. Now what are we actually going to do is we’re going to let people dive into the funnel as we have created it, as you now receive the 10 tips it is our way make customers get used to us and they can trust us for the information that we’re giving them for free – the present and really help them out from getting their bike from stolen. So our opt in message will not be “Join our mailing list to receive the latest news”. No, our opt in message will be “With these tips. you will never be unpleasantly surprised.” Again. We’re going to center this in the center. Let’s press on the Preview button. And let’s add an exclamation mark in there. It’s awesome. However, we still have this big ribbon newsletter up there. I don’t like that. So I’m going to create something else. If you now scroll down here you can find the ribbon it’s actually a image! At the ‘image orientation’ uou can choose to change it above and below right left. Well, I really liked the style of this ribbon. So what we’re going to do is I’m going to use my Photoshop skills. I’m just going to copy paste it I’m going to create something else. And the new ribbon I created is really interesting to see it is: “Save yourself some pain”. Now if we press on the preview icon right here, now you can see “Save yourself some pain – 10 tips to keep your bike from getting stolen. With these tips. You will never be unpleasantly surprised” Isn’t that interesting? If you’re looking on a bike webshop and you have a bike or you’re going to buy one or you just bought one. You’re looking for repairs. This is really interesting. “Save yourself some pain” I don’t want pain! Do you want pain? No I don’t want pain! 10 tips? They are free? Of course! Let’s download them. This is great. So this opt in form to get the people inside of our lead funnel will be great. Click on this one and now we go down a bit and this is the image loading animation of the image we just created. Save yourself some pain on the ribbon. So what you want here you can for example, use Lightspeed and this is how it looks. You have all kinds of different options to Zoom In and flip it anything else. Just select someone that you want to have so I’m going for the Lightspeed option I think is really great. You really grab somebody’s attention while browsing the website. We’re going to close this. If you now scroll down, you can change the opt in styling. You could change the background color, the header font, body font, text color… everything you can change to make it fully compatible with your website. Now we use on our website we use a lot of times Oswald. So we’re going to select this one and let’s see how it looks on this. Now it looks exactly the same as my website itself. So this is great. It all depends on if you use square corners or rounded corners in your style for your website. I just use squared. You can change the border orientation if you want to have one border or full or only the top or bottom. Lets see how it looks like. If you only have top of the bottom it looks like this. I like the top and the bottom better because I like it more. Our border style we have chosen this one you can also choose other borders and you can see how it looks well. I really like this it gives me a bit of a holiday feeling so I really like this you can always change it of course. If you scroll down a bit then you can change the form set up do you want the form on the bottom or for example form on the right here you go. Now the form is on the right but I like it to be on the bottom because I want people to read the text “Save yourself some pain – What?” 10 tips from getting your bike. Okay. So this is better. The name fields do we want to have a name field? Well, I actually do want to have a single name field because I want people to send them personalized emails and to do that I would like to have a name on my list. It’s very important for email marketing. And the name text and the email text you can customize it for sample like ‘your name’ and ‘your email’. For example, your name and your email and then it looks like this. Well the subscribe button is actually not right because they’re not subscribing to anything. They are just receiving tips. So this one should be ‘Download’ because when you now look at ’10 tips to keep you back from getting stolen your name, email and download’. This is logical because now they receive a PDF file or anything. I’ve created this in my MailChimp that the first mail they received back then they receive the 10 tips for their bike getting stolen. So the right button will be ‘Download ‘. As you can see, this is not a normal newsletter sign up opt in form tutorial, because I really don’t believe in asking people hey, would you sign up for my newsletter? Because why should I? No I don’t want to sign up for your newsletter! But if you bring content, if you bring value to the market, now you have permission based marketing, and now you can send them an email “Hey, thank you very much. Here’s your 10 tips. And by the way, you will receive another email and if you don’t like it, you can just unsubscribe.” So we’re just pressing the cross. And now if you just scroll down a little bit, you can add some custom fields. And with custom fields you can also select for example address, birthday, phone numbers, and PIN codes, credit card numbers, anything you want. You can add in this field. I would suggest don’t do that because a lot of people will not leave their adress behind because it’s just too much. So be careful with this custom fields. And we got the styling, the form field orientation, you can stack or do inline, we had it all as inline and now it’s stacked. I like the inline because it feels like you have to fill out less to get what you want. The rounded corners, you can of course make it squared. I like to squared more than rounded because now we have a one style which is squared everywhere and that’s great. The background color you could actually create this to look exactly the same as your website. Now there is a problem with it however. If you want to have it exactly the same as your website, it just doesn’t stand out from your website. So I would recommend to keep it a very different color and a very different pop in, a really different thing from your website. But you might not want it to make it too cheesy because of this colors it remind you of the holidays. Well we are in a holiday season so that’s fine. But if you’re not in holiday seasons you might want to change it. Alright you can change your background color, your button color and your text color to light and dark. And then we can also choose the edge style. Here we go if you want this one, this looks really great. Now you have a little bit of arrow down there and I really like it. This is even better. It’s like a big arrow pointing to your email adres. And this one is also great if you have a coupon with a discount. Sign up to get some discount, or save yourself some money, receive your discount code to sign up for new products or anything. Here you can just use whatever you want. I like this big one. And now you have a real arrow pointing down to your email. So your eyes are actually well see it’s working already. And now you have your form footer text. Here you can create something like a disclaimer or “When you download our 10 tips you agree to receive email from us that you find very nice”. It is totally dependable on the rules of your country. In Europe we have pretty strict rules. So you really have to inform your clients about how much your going to sent them, how much time, when you’re going to send it and everything after that. However, if you’re using the form like we do, you can always inform them in your next email when they download it. You can always say “by downloading this PDF….” Well there are different kinds of ways to, you know, work around it. Alright, the success message text, so we’re going to leave the form footer text empty for now. The success message text is “You have successfully subscribed”, we’re going to change that to: “You download will be sent… Your 10 tips will be sent to your mailbox in one minute.” Here you can add some custom CSS which is very useful if you want to style it just a little bit more, with the button and anything you want to make it exactly like your website. But you want it to stand out of course. Let’s go to ‘next, display settings’. In display settings you can see when and where your opt in form will show. So do you want no animation just to pop it up? Or do you want it to be fade in, slide right, slide up. I want this time to let it fade in. We are going to trigger a after time delay and let’s make it 20 seconds. Well yes, let’s make it 20 seconds. You can also trigger it after inactivity. So let’s do that. And if someone is 10 seconds inactive and is just opening your browser then they might not come back or they are just doing something else. Then they just show you a pop up it means they are not scrolling on your website and clicking anything, its just idle time. Alright at the bottom of the post trigger it when it when you come down to the bottom of your blog posts really interesting. Or you can do it after commenting after scrolling. And if you do after scrolling you can choose how low do they have to go on the beach before it has been triggered? Well, let’s go with 80% Because when you’re almost down there and they’re not 20 seconds on the way, and they’re not at the bottom, I want them still to see it. And of course you get triggered after purchase or you get triggered on a click with a CSS selector. Alright, the next option is very important: ‘Display once per session’. I would really recommend you do that. Because when they visit your website and they click it and they click on cross to close it they might not be interested. So display once per session and a session duration will be well let’s do it one day because if they come back tomorrow, they might be interested because they’re coming back to your website. And when they are getting back. They might be interested in these 10 tips. We don’t want to hide on mobile. We want to show it and you can choose to either close it after subscribe. You can do that and then it just fades away but I like to let them see the message which says thank you, the 10 tips will be in your email inbox in one minute. scroll down. Where do you want to optin to show? Do you want to show it on everything? Everywhere? That just means basically on everyone accepts pages like whatever you want, or do you want to have it select on the blog page on every archives we have on all categories, and all tags, all posts, all pages, and all projects, but not on the homepage for example, or you can do on everything except on home. I really do like opt in forms on my homepage because when they are on the homepage, they’re just trying to see “What is this website all about? Where’s it going?” So I would like to show it everywhere except for my homepage. And you can of course exclude posts within your website so that is very awesome. If you want to have, for example, different opt in forms on different categories on different posts. You can all do it right there. Okay, let’s go to ‘Next success action’. Success action will be a success message or a redirect to URL. Why would you redirect them to the URL? Well, if they want to download for example, that 10 tips manually, they can do it using this way. Or if you want to really measure your success with Google Analytics because you are sending traffic to your website and you’re buying those ads. Then you might want to know what is the return on investment by measuring the URL that has been clicked. Okay, this is it. I want to show the success message, press save and exit and now we have our active opt in. Congratulations! That is your first opt in. Let’s see how it works. I’m going to open up my website in a private window. So I’m not logged in. I can actually scroll down to anything I want and there is actually no pop up opt in right here. Let’s go to a buy page and see what happens after 20 seconds or when I scroll down and I’m almost almost at 80%… Wow! “Save yourself some pain. 10 tips to keep your bike from getting stolen. With these tips you will never be unpleasantly surprised” Hmm. That’s interesting, because I want to buy a real expensive ebike. So I’m going to add in my name right there, WPress Doctor and I’m and I’m going to press Download. Your 10 tips will be sent to your mailbox in one minute. Isn’t it awesome? I really like this one. So let’s close it. Alright, so it works! That’s great. Let’s see what other opt ins we have, and really quick create them so you can see how that actually looks on the website. If we now refresh this page, you will see that we have a conversion! Of course because I have just converted myself. Yes, we have one impression and we have one conversion. So that’s a 100% conversion rate! Man I’m going to be rich! This is really great. And now you can see the statistics how many subscribers I have I already have three subscribers. I don’t know where those other two came from. But I’m excited and I think its really awesome. So let’s go back to the home and we’re going to create a new opt in form. So if you want to be lazy, then we can just copy paste this pop up form to make it a flying form. How do you do that? Well you press this duplicate button right there. And then we can just choose the flying. So now we have a pop up form copy, which is a fly-in module. Isn’t that awesome? And here you can just start editing it by pressing on the settings. “Fly in form”, of course and everything is just exactly the same isn’t that great? So let’s make this inactive right here and we’re going to see what the fly in form actually does when I now open up my website in a new window. And when we scroll down we now get at 80% our… fly in optin. So here it goes, its on the right side you can choose right, left, center and it is down here and it is a little bit smaller and it is in the corner. And as you can see also there is no gradient above my entire website. So it just stays there in the right corner. You can actually ignore it and still read the website. As with the other form, you can’t easily read the the website because it has a gradient over it. So that’s one big difference of the opt in form. So choose whatever you want. Well let’s duplicate this one and we’re going to see what these ‘Below posts’ are. We’re going to make this inactive, the fly in form inactive and we’re going to change the fly in form copy. We’re going to call it the the below post opt in. And of course we’re going to just leave it right there because we’ve all tuned it. So we’re going to post and we’re going to see what it does with my posts. We have two posts created so let’s open them in a new private window. well this post is really simple and this is what it does. It just adds it below your text on the left side. That is simple just like that. And you need to tune it and tweak it, but it works and it works really simple. All right, let’s duplicate this one and we’re going to do it inline. And I’m really curious how this works. Just make this one inactive. And we’re going to change this one to inline opt in. And now you can see an extra option which is ‘Generate shortcode’ and when you press this, you get a shortcode you can copy this one, press OK and you can add it anywhere on your posts or page, to show your opt in form inline on your website. This is very useful if you for example, want to have it integrated like this in the footer. I have done this with the Divi newsletter module. But you can also use the Bloom opt in version to use it down there. You have to tweak it a lot and you have to style it so it gets into the style of your website but it is possible. Why would you do that? Well, one of the things which is very interesting is this, you can actually do a A/B testing with these forms. And that is really powerful. If your forms are not converting, you can press A/B testing and you can add a variant. And when you click on it, now you can have your inline opt in variant A. And you can now design it actually the same as we did. But you can now create for example, and now you can actually change it like 10 Golden tips to keep your bike safe and you can change anything you want. And when you press it on is exactly the same or you could change the colors you could change the images, it is really great. Now what exactly does this variants do? If you press on ‘Start Test’, it will just show an even amount of opt in variants to your visitors. So when your visitors are watching your website then they might see option A. And another visitor will see option B and another one will see C and a new one will see A again and B and C and all etc etc. That’s the way how it goes. And after a few while you will see a lot of impressions over here a lot of conversions here and the conversion rate of all your different opt in forms. This is really powerful guys. If you want to create your email marketing and you want to do it the right way. This is a perfect start. And it’s already in your Elegant Themes license so why not use it? If you then press ‘End and pick winner’ now they will calculate the conversion rate for the variants and you can choose your variant you want to have like this one. And then this form will be your definite. And you can of course do it again and go again with your variants. This is… I’m really happy with this. Another one which is very interesting is ‘Locked content’. If you click on this one and we’re going to use it, press on the settings, this is also really awesome. And I’m going to generate a shortcode Why do you need to have a shortcode? Well, if you can see that this content will be locked if people do not sign up. So lets copy this one, press OK. Okay, and let’s make the tips for cleaning bikes only possible when you have opt in for our 10 tips. So the shortcode was this [et_bloom_locked optin_id=”5] and there is the content. Alright let’s give tip number one, tip number two, tip number three. All right, so as we now have loaded our website, you will see that well I didn’t customize this at all. So there has to be something like ‘If you want to see this content, leave your email address right here”. And we’re going to try it out. WPress Doctor – because that’s the name of this thing and press download and then… Hey here they are! This works really awesome. But as I told you before you really have to style it to make it look like this content has been hidden. But it works and this is great. So if you want to use it you can always use this one. You can also change the ‘Download your 10 tips’, we can place a button down here which says ‘Download the 10 Tips’ and then they subscribe and then they can download it right here. It is also all possible and it works great. Alright, the last optin form that we didn’t show yet is the widget. So let’s choose widget. And let’s see what that is. Well actually it is just exactly the same but now you have a widgit in place which you can use in your theme. And the widget is actually pretty much useless if you have Divi, I never use widgets in Divi. But if you now go to ‘appearance’ and we go to ‘widgets’, you might have another theme then Divi on your website and then Bloom is really really useful. Because then you use a lot of widgets as you can see I get the welcome because I never use widgets. Just press this plus icon and you can type in Bloom or you can scroll down and just find it just click on it and here you go. Give it a title, whatever you want. And you can choose the right widget and now when you click outside these boxes, you will see exactly our created opt in form as a widget. So of course for a widget you really have to make it a little bit smaller and you have to change the layout of course, but now you know how you can do it. So guys, that’s basically it. Remember the money is in the list. Also remember that a client actually needs seven to eight contact moments with you to trust you get to know you before they buy something from you. Alright, if you liked this video, hit that like button so I know I was on the right track. If you have questions, please ask them in the comments below. I wish you an awesome day and I’ll see you in the next video.